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Cosby, Tennessee Map

Loved this trail!! Not an extremely difficult trail, I've just started hiking again and am a bit out of shape but I handled it well. Does have lots of rocks and stumps so pay attention. The falls were better than the pics showed, loved it will do it again

Well Low Gap trail isn't a joke.. it's a 2500 ft climb in about 2 miles once you actually get on the trail from the parking lot almost 3 considering parking location.. The views from Cammerer Lookout are by far the best I've seen in the park hands down. The least crowded too only 5 people on trail Jan 22 2016.. I'd say this is one of the most under rated hikes in the smoky mountains.. If you don't mind 11 mile out and backs for breathtaking 360 views.. make this your next hike!

Great way to spend Christmas Day! Beautiful, peaceful and well maintained Trail of roots, rocks and colorful leaves.

My fiancé and I had a blast on this trail! So beautiful

Great hike! But no way is it 10.4 miles round trip. Try 12 miles up and back. The NPS trail signs add up to 6 miles one way. My iPhone health tracker said 13 miles round trip. Believe the NPS signage.

Outstanding views when you get to the Mt Cammerer FireTower - if it's a clear day (posted photos). Some views on hike up the trail, but nothing like those from that fire tower. Inspirational to see that old structure built wth stones hewn from the surrounding rock bed. Those guys on the old CCC crew worked very hard on this one.

I've gone up to this fire tower two other times using the Low Gap trail from Cosby and on the other side of the mountain using Low Gap Trail from the Big Creek Campground in GSMtns NP. Chestnut Branch is the best way, though longer than Low Gap from Cosby.

An amazing hike! I made it in November and the color of the leaves is breath-taking. If you're not a regular hiker, or a resident of a flat state like Florida (like me), definitely train for this one several months in advance. Your knees will thank you.

Low Gap - as the descriptions say, Low Gap is a relentless marathon of switchbacks and uphill work. It never seems to end. Thankfully, the isolation, beauty, and promise of the upcoming AT are enough to motivate!

AT to Mt. Cammerer - the uphill battle continues for awhile, but the views improve, especially in places where you can gaze into both Tennessee and North Carolina. I took some panoramic pictures here and they're some of the best shots I got.

Mt. Cammerer & Spur - The trail to the summit feels like a rockier extension of the AT, with some fun scrambling toward the end. On the summit, take as many pictures as you can and enjoy the crisp air. I met a pair of hikers who camped in the tower overnight - they were kind enough to share some hot chocolate with me while I iced my knees!

2 months ago

Great trail and what a view at the top. Would have spent many hours just sitting and taking in the surroundings but what goes up must go down

Great trail, however if you do the loop I recommend doing the longer part first. Also, pack light weight.

My hiking partner and I are 21 years old and in great shape, hiking a few times a week and active work every day we aren't hiking. However, this trail kicked our butts!! You gain 2,600 feet in elevation, most of it in the first 2.5 miles. There are so many uphill switchbacks that seem to never end!! The trail was gorgeous this fall day. The excitement builds as you get closer. it took us 4 hours to hike up, and about 2.5 or 3 to hike down. The views are UNBEATABLE from the fire tower deck. 360 degree views overlooking every mountain below. I wish we had stayed up here for longer. We had the tower to ourselves for about 15 minutes, pure silence and nature. Then an extremely loud group came up and it was not very enjoyable anymore. When you are up there, take it in!! Respect others who are breathing in this experience. Hiking is some people's way of escaping life and the hectic stress it brings. Please respect the peace and quiet and others who have summited this mountain just to take in the views. Besides the loud group, this hike was my all time favorite and I have seen none yet that compare. We were sore for 3 days afterwards but I would choose this hike again any day over working!

great from the 'AT' on
low gap is a relentless climb so take it easy.
best views in the park from the tower.
go early
very early. trail gets alot of traffic.

This was a great hike. Completed this hike w/ a group of 6 varying in fitness levels from very little exercise to excel use 5+ times a week on October 27th, 2016. Everyone made it to the top and enjoyed the hike. The first 3 miles are fairly intense with mostly rock paths with a steady and steep incline. The last 2.5 miles to the tower level off a bit with lesser incline and even some portions of downhill.

Highly recommend this trail!