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trail locations for Clarksville, Tennessee

Paved and well-maintained. Even though there is more traffic, including cyclists, children, strollers, and dogs, there is some nice scenery and opportunities for wildlife sightings. Watch for snakes. There are plenty...especially copperheads.

trail running
18 days ago

Awesome area, provides shade while jogging, walking or riding.

Pretty cool park! Probably would have been better if I had a bike. Not 0.8 miles

A good trail. The cave isn't extensive, but it's still cool. Not exactly a place to get away from the world

Wonderful and safe, clean, fun

It's just clean , lots of shade , sometimes like a rolling bicycle trail , fresh , so nice i


trail running
1 month ago

My personal favorite trail in Clarksville. While it is often times busy and the gates close at sundown, it is possibly the best trail to run on that's somewhat challenging around here. There are two loops both of which connect in the middle. They are not paved and not made for bikes. The short loop is easy and less than a mile long. The recovery loop is about a mile and a half and has much higher incline with no switch backs. The cave is not always open, but offers a cool area to rest after your run.

It's a nice place to have a leisurely stroll or play Pokemon go. If you go here you might find it busy and that's because of pokemon go. It's not a great place to run or bike because of the amount of people that walk slowly and stop suddenly to catch pokemon. If you love the game, it's great. If you're looking for a workout, it's pretty terrible recently.

trail running
1 month ago

I frequent here often. There are two paths. The one on the left is flat and paved. It's the busier of the two so I don't go that way. The way on the right is also paved but it has lots of hills and less people. It currently ends at 2.5 miles but the city plans on expanding it. The whole greenway is great for walking, running, or biking with nice views of trees and water along the sides.

it was an okay trail.. not really a lot to see.. would love to go inside the cave,but it was all gated up..

Nice walk with my son! Loved it.

short trail, shaded, medium populated

nice views runs along the main road and crossed it

Nice to be in nature in the city! Deer on trail.

My favorite place to hike when I'm in my home town!

Cool history and a shady walk.