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trail locations for Chattanooga, Tennessee

Don't waste your time or money.

4 days ago


Parked at Cumberland trail parking lot. Trail head is accross the street. once at the indian rock village .7 miles away, go towards the right. Its not marked but that is the continuation of Snoopers trail. Great moderate trail. Well marked once on the trail. No water features as of mid october so mostly trees with autumn colors. Acouple of viewing spots along the way. Good place to meditate. Light traffic on a friday. There is hunting allowed so be weary of the dates. Not sure if hiking and hunting are allowed at the same time.

It was a great trail for my 3 year old. Pretty easy, but great hike for people getting into hiking

Snoopers rock has a panoramic view that is a must see. Great for nature walking, bring your dogs, pack a lunch bc you will want to hangout for awhile. Be very careful and watchful if you bring your little kids.
Thank you Chattanooga, TN.

Beautiful trail and perfect for a short afternoon outing. The drought had the falls dried up but there was still enough water for the dogs to cool off.

Great 10 mile loop with rock formations. Indian rockhouse is titanic of rock formations. Snoopers and Mullens cove both have panoramic views. Make sure you look at the trees for white blazes or you'll find yourself on a side trail.
Thank you Chattanooga, TN.

was fun, kids loved it

Great wilderness view on the back side and awesome scenic view on the front side!

This was beautiful. Great Weather too.

20 days ago

Great trail with beautiful rock formations! Great for kids and dogs. Not much water at the waterfall right now because of the drought but still beautiful scenery.

trail running
24 days ago

Very overgrown for the first mile. At least 5 large trees down you have to crawl over or under as well as poison ivy and thorny vines across the trail. While there are trial signs, a few are broken and it can be hard to tell which way to go; bear left at the first large brown sign to stay on skyuka.

It is an absolutely beautiful trail, just a little tricky to navigate. There is also only parking for one vehicle at the trailhead, but you can park at the bottom of the hill and catch a ride up with a friend if you need more parking.

Love the trail!

This trail is great! It has a continuously variable uphill slant; however, I was OK a part from burning calves.

Toward the latter half of the trail you gain glimpses of the land. It is an absolutely wonderful trek that truly rewards those that persist and endure the climb.

There was one good view a half mile into the hike. Back tracked down on the trail. Not too much to see but we also did not do the full hike toward the waterfall. However, there was no running water on the trail where it looked to be one. Trail seem to not be as popular, little over grown. Also, found a total of 5 ticks on us after the 1-2 hour hike.

This is a great everyday trail to take your dogs for a walk, there are some pretty bluff views of the river as well.