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trail locations for Chattanooga, Tennessee

This trail is great! It has a continuously variable uphill slant; however, I was OK a part from burning calves.

Toward the latter half of the trail you gain glimpses of the land. It is an absolutely wonderful trek that truly rewards those that persist and endure the climb.

There was one good view a half mile into the hike. Back tracked down on the trail. Not too much to see but we also did not do the full hike toward the waterfall. However, there was no running water on the trail where it looked to be one. Trail seem to not be as popular, little over grown. Also, found a total of 5 ticks on us after the 1-2 hour hike.

This is a great everyday trail to take your dogs for a walk, there are some pretty bluff views of the river as well.

We hiked this trail from Cravens house, we will definitely be back!

This trail is very serene and a quick hike. Just after the first water fall there is a stone staircase that walks up to a mini rock tunnel/cave you can walk through which was definitely cool to see.

did this with some young boy scouts, nice trails, cool civil war history, trail signs need some repairs.

Beautiful scenery with a breathtaking view

1 month ago

Trail was pretty, though the waterfall wasn't very plentiful this late in the summer.

I did want to bring awareness to the trailhead parking situation. My friend and I went in the middle of the day, and were gone about an hour. When we returned to the car, it had been broken into (window shattered and diaper bag stolen). So, please be careful to conceal your belongings when hiking this trail!

Trail is not well marked. Side trails have same white blaze as Mullins. Not helpful. Views r beautiful. No snakes.

on Ruby Falls

1 month ago

Loved the falls - spectacular! The gardens and grounds were gorgeous. We really enjoyed our visit here. The trail was easy, peaceful. And the part of the trail where you choose to be daring and either shimmy through the extremely narrow opening between two large rocks in the path or be a wimp and just go around? Yeah, I just went on around.

There was a long line/wait to get in. We had to park quite a distance away. But once we were inside, everyone seemed to spread out so it didn't seem quite as crowded.

I highly recommend a visit to this awesome site!

1 month ago

Little bit of a drive down the gravel road in prentice cooper park but a short walk down road to trail head which wasn't hard and a good view.

There are rattlesnakes EVERYWHERE on this trail so be on the lookout!! Especially with dogs! I had a close encounter with my dog when I went on 08/11/2016. Spotted it before Snoopers Rock. Turned around and hiked back out to find another snake in the trail as well. Probably a great hike, but won't be returning due to the safety of me and my dog.
Side note, Indian Rockhouse was pretty cool!

pretty hard hike. comes to a point that is NOT well marked and is a pain to find the way. my suggestion would be to park in the parking area and walk across the street. go to snoopers rock and back. the rest is not worth it.

July 30th it was very dry and the river was to hard to get to. My dogs are used to swimming to cool and they were disappointed. Good for a travel stop.

They wanted $20 dollars for the two of us to hike a 2.5 mile loop, in my mind this wasn't worth it. I'm sure it's a nice privately maintained trail, but not for $20.

I did this trail about 10 years ago. I still remember the views and the somber history surrounding the Civil War that occurred here. The whole park is worth the visit.