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trail locations for Tennessee
mountain biking
1 day ago

this is a intermedate trail that i would rate as moderate with fast down hill runs and steep hills, jumps and tight turns but a fun ride.Not much Parking

This trail is great! It has a continuously variable uphill slant; however, I was OK a part from burning calves.

Toward the latter half of the trail you gain glimpses of the land. It is an absolutely wonderful trek that truly rewards those that persist and endure the climb.

This is not a difficult trail but 6.4 miles is still a good workout. We saw a bear that ran away from us, wild turkeys, gray squirrels, and other small beautiful birds. Foliage is lovely on this trail. I highly recommend it!

trail running
1 day ago

Easy to access, some nice rolling hills and climbs for flavor, and can jump in the lake for a cool down after hot day excursion!

Awesome challenging and short hike! Great lunch spot at the false summit and even better view from the lower 2nd summit

Smokey mountains are always beautiful. You get a great view at the top, but you have to climb some rocks! It can be a little intimidating.

love this place.

Had a blast carried a almost 3 year old on back in and out great hike

I love this trail! Not a very long hike, but a nice incline. it's in a popular area, but for some reason folks don't know about this trail. which is exactly why it rates so high with me. I'll take a pic of the falls next time I go up and post. I told a friend about it and he proposed up there!

Trail use is light and can be hard to stay on course. Not much to see but it was an easy hike. One and done for me on this trail.

Good place to fish!

Been on this drive a lot! It's ok but I live here and am used to the scenery!

Love this hike! A little something for everybody!

The pro of this trail is, it seems like it isn't a crowded trail. It's nice to have the trail to yourself. Also, the trail is rather short so it would be good for beginners or people with children.

However, there isn't much to see on this trail unfortunately. There's one somewhat nice overlook


not for mountain bike

This trail makes my top 5 favorite list. The entire hike was so gorgeous. It was a difficult trail, at times, but that's another reason I loved it! Always looking for a good challenging hiking trail. Strongly recommend giving this one a try.

This was a beautiful area to walk in. There are more falls in this area than anywhere else I have ever seen.