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One of the best views I've seen it's a steep trail at the bottom but it is well worth the effort but this is a good hike for all types of people whether it's your first hike or you are an experienced backpacker. You also get a fun scramble up rocks to the summit

Great views!

Great trail, mostly paved.

Fun trail. Runners, beware; Stumblestiltkin Trail is what I'd call it! HA! Pay attention to footing. Rock tips & protruding root structures litter certain portions, just pay attention. Hikers be sure to check out the limestone beds & rock crevices, sort of cave like structures. We ran this on 12/3/16 w chilly 47 degree temps w drizzle, still fun trek through the woods. Saw 4 deer twice on this loop, we circled them around after spooning them the 1st sighting. This trail reminded me of the 5 mile Hidden Springs loop at Cedars of Lebanon. Only complaint is sound of road traffic on occasion. Still, great trek through some dense forest.

This is an aggressive trail for a day trip. I decided to go clockwise to avoid having to climb out the stone door with weary legs. The trail is difficult in the fall with the leaves down on top of unstable rocks. Despite extreme drought conditions, I was pleased to see Ranger Falls still flowing! The Rim trail is relatively flat with a incredible overlooks from time to time. There's a lot of loose rocks on the Gulf trail. All trails are marked relatively well with placards and junctions have clear signage. Total trip was 9.8 miles with a jaunt to Ranger Falls mixed in.

very nice hike and amazing waterfall

I live in waterfall paradise in Oregon & Washington but Burgess Falls are as spectacular as the ones we have at home. The hike is easy and provides great views and wonderful for photography. I have posted some photos from last year (Nov 2015) when the rains were falling hard and the water is running high and added more from last week (Nov 2016) during the drought and both versions are beautiful. The Park Rangers also had some corn snakes for everyone to get up close & personal with and they were colorful creatures as well. I will come back next year and praying the area gets the much needed rain to put out the local fires and add more H20 to the river.

scenic driving
3 days ago

A nice driving trail that takes you through some of the wonderful beauty of the smokies!!!

Nice views of the waterfall

Great views of the waterfall

Nice hike to the place TN, KY and VA intersect

Very nice hike, the falls makes it with it!

Made it all the way to the Lodge. What a great hike, had more unexpected attractions than anticipated.


* If you want to go to the lodge, make sure you have warm clothing for when you are on top of the mountain -- it is cold enough up there that there is frost on the flora in fall.

* Make sure you have plenty of support and comfort in your shoes and socks (varies from person to person of course), it is a long, flat trail with rocky steep stairways along the route.

* Bring plenty of water and food, once again, this is a good day hike, but you can definitely do it in a day (depending on your age and health).

A peaceful creek bed, mangrove like bushes along the path in the beginning and plenty of "sprucey" views to supplement your appetite for as to why you're out there in the first place.


Btw: The lodge is more of a small town, they have a sit down fire place area inside, kitchen, restrooms and much more!

An amazing hike! I made it in November and the color of the leaves is breath-taking. If you're not a regular hiker, or a resident of a flat state like Florida (like me), definitely train for this one several months in advance. Your knees will thank you.

Low Gap - as the descriptions say, Low Gap is a relentless marathon of switchbacks and uphill work. It never seems to end. Thankfully, the isolation, beauty, and promise of the upcoming AT are enough to motivate!

AT to Mt. Cammerer - the uphill battle continues for awhile, but the views improve, especially in places where you can gaze into both Tennessee and North Carolina. I took some panoramic pictures here and they're some of the best shots I got.

Mt. Cammerer & Spur - The trail to the summit feels like a rockier extension of the AT, with some fun scrambling toward the end. On the summit, take as many pictures as you can and enjoy the crisp air. I met a pair of hikers who camped in the tower overnight - they were kind enough to share some hot chocolate with me while I iced my knees!

This is a wonderful hike. Two absolutely beautiful arches which you walk across the top of one to go back out. Its a short hike but has a lot of stairs. I have hiked this one a couple of times in the last month or so. Love it!