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Nice hike with even footing most of the way. The last bit going down to the base of the falls has many stone steps to negotiate, but the falls are magnificent and well worth the effort.

nice walk for an asphalted trail

13 hours ago

I've hiked this trail more than any other trail. It's a fun, fairly quick trail with a lot of natural beauty. No great views, but a nice getaway in a large metro area. There's one nice hill that will give you a little cardio. The one drawback is it is a very highly-trafficked trail. Don't expect to get that great isolated feeling that you'll get from more out of the way locations.

nice park. Great way to spend a few hours. easy trails .

Short little hike but enjoyed the sink holes and the unique tree and cave. lots to see in a short easy walk.

14 hours ago

17 hours ago

This is a very short hike (less than a mile total) but has WONDERFUL views toward the end. Not a destination, but the close proximity to I40 makes it a quick add on the front side of another hike. Views - 4.5 stars. Hike itself- 3.

Only one rocky section. Lots of dogs

Only one rocky section. Lots of dogs

Only one rocky section. Lots of dogs

The best waterfall I have been to yet. Great hike down to the falls and BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't wait to get in and swim. Water clean and cool. LOVED every second. Can't wait to go back.

This was a fairly easy hike lots of fun. Took the grandkids and they loved it. We just went in mid October the fall was beautiful although not as much water as in some of the pic I saw but it wasn't dry and was worth the hike. Looking forward to going back.

It wasn't a lot of water but I thought it was beautiful. LOVED it!!

Great trail. Well marked. Deep, rock sink holes were awesome! A must do if you are in the area. The staff at Henry Horton State Park were friendly and efficient.

If you're looking for an extreme hike, take the power line trail. big hike up, big hike down

1 day ago

First third is on a rocky vehicle-wide trail. Last 2/3 is one person-wide, mostly dirt trail.
Get to pass under the Incline railway track twice (second is only feet from the train itself).