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trail locations for South Dakota

Not too difficult. Some rocky areas to get over. Nice views!

Great trail! Beautiful this time of year!

10 days ago

Pretty hike. The first 3/4 mile was a steady steep ascent, definitely a butt buster. The view is gorgeous. Once you leave the lookout its an easy walk. You eventually run into water which you cross several times on planks. Great place for the dogs to cool off. A recommended not to difficult hike.

Solid trail. Took it backwards with my dogs, and ended up going out to the outlook (totally worth it) going backward all the hard work is front loaded so most of the hike is quite leisurely.

one of my favorites

13 days ago

Great trail for the family.

Really cool hike on a well maintained trail. Great view from the top. Its a must do if your in the area

15 days ago

Great trail! Its incredible how much time and effort must have gone into that flume back in the day. On some parts of the trail you can still see the wood used to build the flume. No shortage of wildlife on this trail! Its a must do in your in the area

Pretty cool trail. Saw plenty of buffalo and great views

You hike next a stream so thats pretty cool. Hard to know where the turnaround spot is. The loop is no longer there

15 days ago

Great short hike. Good way to get an up close look at some of the features in the Badlands. Worth the time. Also saw some bighorn sheep right next to the parking lot!!

Fantastic hike. Went on a clear day and the view from the top was well worth the time and effort. Its a must do hike if your in the area

The 7.7 miles is a lie, I clocked 9.1 from the parking lot. Lots of ups and downs, the view from the top was worth it, but the cold lake on the feet and lower legs were the best part.

15 days ago

A great wooded hike with awesome views at the peak and on the way up

Loved the views from the top and the stream. Did not care for following the road back.