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trail locations for South Dakota

amazing to drive through!

Take your time and explore!

2 days ago

Awesome hike. We did this in mid June and it was beautiful. There's a mix of very steep to flat surfaces along the trail. The last leg is the hardest and basically straight up. My fitbit said i had climbed 237 floors by the end of the hike and it took us about 4 hours to complete. We do some hiking but I wouldn't call us experienced and we made it through this hike. The views at the top are worth every bit of discomfort on the way up. Every time your turn around the view and landscape has changed.

We have done this hike twice and would definitely go back.
Tough but not too tough! Would definitely go back. Lots of landscape and elevation changes.

Very easy trail. We came in on the lakeside and the trail was a total of 6 miles, 3 one way. It's the highest point in South Dakota, and the elevation gain was around 750 ft. Great views from the top. All of the land around is very low, so the view is excellent for taking in all of the black hills and surrounding plains.

Take the sun up trail to buzzards roost then take the south rim trail back

Short but sweet!

Amazing views, I bit of a climb but I'd do it again! Some rocks and steep parts but doable. Amazing panoramic views of the spires once you get to the valley on top. ❤️

I only went as far as the falls. Beautiful falls an easy hike to get to it. Spearfish Canyon was beautiful! I'd go again.

Trail was super easy. Took trail #9 to the top and #4 back to trail head. If you've done Estes cone before....this is a walk in the park! We left early, we were second party to show up that morning and five minutes after we got to the top, it poured for 30 minutes and wife "forgot" her rain gear so we were delayed going back down. After the rain cleared and clouds very nice crisp views!

Took this hike yesterday. Parked at the lake in Custer State Park and hiked to another parking lot, and started on the actual trail. Not too busy for a fall weekend. The rock at the top is a real scramble but one to the left is much easier. Beautiful views along the way and on top. Our dog loved it. She was able to make it through the squeeze better than I did.

I did the Centennial Trail for a short time starting from Badger Hole. It is a lovely hike up and down through the woods. The trail gets very narrow at times, so long pants are advisable. Some parts are rocky. Saw several deer and came up to a 360 lookout point. I recommend this trail if you enjoy hiking through the woods for extended periods, meaning not expecting to arrive at a peak.

I did 26 miles on the trail by bike from Hill City--13 one way and 13 back. 55 minutes of a slight incline at moderate difficulty, followed by half hour of flying down the other side. (Turned back.) Then 50 minutes back up at a greater incline (really hard for me at this point), followed by coasting for another hour. It was a peaceful, gorgeous ride going north out of Hill City. Just know what you are getting into. I just hope I can still walk tomorrow.

16 days ago

Great trail to get a taste of Badlands hiking. We saw 3 big horn sheep up close. Beautiful views from various locations (with a little exploring) at the top. Short and easy. The ladder was the most uncomfortable part for me, though some may not like a few narrow turns along the cliff. Have to do a little climbing on gravelly rock, but very manageable.

very easy good for beginners the view was alright minus all the houses ruining the scenery

Absolutely gorgeous, easy walk along Spearfish Creek through Spearfish Canyon. Highly recommend!

18 days ago

Such a beautiful trail! Not all of it is a clean path, some spots are rocks that you have to climb over, which makes it fun! Some rocks are easy to climb up to get a gorgeous view of the lake.

This is a very lovely hike. Begins with a slight incline, becomes moderate, progresses to a somewhat steep gravelly slope, and ends with a fun climb up the rocks through a couple of tight spaces. Panoramic view from the top. There is almost no shade for most of the trail, so be prepared. It took 30 minutes moving slowly to get to the spur. Fast hikers could get to the spur in 15 minutes. Highly recommended!!