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Fun! Only find part of Noanet Peak trail moderate the rest is easy. Combine red, yellow, blue to extend your hike.

One of my favorites to run. not challenging but you can get great distance! I'd you are parking in the Scarborough Marsh and cross the road, you can get just under ten miles if you go all the way to 195 ramp. it's a solid eight if you run to the foot bridge. if you cruise over the marsh you can squeeze in five miles by running to the end of the access road and back. I wish the would finish the rest of the trail connecting to Portland in that direction!

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2 days ago

love this trail, there are several different loops you can take, the outer most of which connects to the ATV trails. I run it and you can squeeze four or so miles out of it without taking the same trail twice. also the description says dogs leashed, it's mostly leash, except during bird nesting season in the summer, when dogs must be leashed in the fields.

This was a nice family friendly kind of hike. I did this one with my wife a while back and we really enjoyed it. We started at the trailhead off Pond Hill Road and the PVC pipe instrument that someone had built right there was a nice touch. Cool way to start it off! Views of the lake were nice all around, especially along the western side. The only negative I can mention is that we had a lot of difficulty trying to follow the example track on here once we got to the welcome center at the south end of the lake. Somehow we ended up on a private road for a bit before getting back on the trail on the other side of the lake. Going by other people's recordings, it seems like the best bet is to back track a bit to the overlook spot and turn the other way there.

Great hike, great views

Took this beautiful hike on a Sunday morning. It's a steady incline the entire route so be prepared. Do take the time to continue past Lake Blanche to Lake's Lilian and Florence. I spent a good 45 minutes at both with no other hikers in sight. It was simply gorgeous.

3 days ago

My family and I started on the NY side. The trail ran mostly alongside a beautiful stream with many prominent signs specifying "no swimming." Given the many posts about the great swimming, I found this quite amusing. The hike was slippery because of all the leaves and recent rain. Saw many pups along the route... some muddier than others. Easy incline the whole way. The waterfall was a beautiful sight although decending the steps with the ice on the ground was a bit tricky. Beautiful clear water! The waterfall at the end was worth the icy stairs. I'm sure this hike is beautiful in the warmer months! Good for pups and kids.

3 days ago

Moderately difficult trail. Fairly hilly. Needs more trail markers. I attempted the trail posted here as a "2.6 mile loop" but it doesn't really exist. Check out the Monroe County map PDF here to get a better idea of the trails:


We did this by mistake thinking we were going to Snow Lake near Mount Rainier and were wholly unprepared. Our intent was to take engagement pictures but after it not being a stroll in the woods I was getting cranky and pissed. However, once we got to the top, it was so worth it! We ended up getting AMAZING pictures. We went on a weekend and it wasn't horribly crowded either, though this was a while ago we went.

3 days ago

The trail is like others have said, very beautiful. So many waterfalls the first 3/4th of the hike. Then you get to enjoy the deadness of the snow. So breath taking. The lake itself is small and the look out point is meh. Toward the very end the trail is easily lost in the snow and gets quite narrow. I went on a Monday and only saw 2 people which was nice.

3 days ago

On this particular hike I'm torn; the hike itself was good, but the trail was not very impressive. Towards the top viewpoint the mountain was covered in dense fog and there was light snow. This made the surrounding forest eerie yet beautiful. Because of the fog I was not able to see the lake or Sandpoint from the lookouts. But aside from the fog towards the top of the mountain, the trail was relatively tame with not much to look at (Granted, this is in part due to the time of year). The trail also has a very unceremonious end off the side of a forest road.
Overall while I very much enjoyed the hike, it would be hard to recommend this one. I will need to try it again at different points in the year.

3 days ago

The north side may not have the lake, but it has its own beauty. A little more secluded than the south side, you are less likely to run into people, but you have the possibility of running into horse back riders. A nice easy hike!

Nice steady climb with beautiful views at the top.

This is a great family hike. We did this on one of the last good days in November. Clear skies and the temperature was a perfect 50 deg. and there was a nice breeze on top of Dooly Knob.

The cost to get onto Antelope Island is worth it. Spend the day and explore the other parts of the island. Lady Finger trail is a good quick hike also.

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4 days ago

It's a good trail for all abilities near the bottom of Emerald Mountain. It can be done alone or in conjunction with many other trails on the way up or down.

Excellent short hike with great views.

Excellent hike and great views. It was crazy windy and cold at the top of Cascade. I wasn't geared up right for the snow and ice, so it was harder than it should have been for me. This was my first high peak and I'm hooked now.

Such a beautiful hike! Creeks, aspens, fields with wildflowers, hot springs... doesn't get any better than this. It can be a little tough at times with the elevation gain, but it's all worth it! Love the little camping area in the trees too.

4 days ago

We hiked up Thanksgiving morning to the Broom hut with our puppy. Gators and crampons were nice to have! We packed in dinner and ate at the Broom hut which has a public day use section.