my 1st trail in ASP. Arrived late in day so no fee.

15 hours ago

Fantastic, had the entire place to ourselves besides one couple. Worth hauling a pack up. 10/22/16-10/23/16. Great weather, just a bit windy at night!

Beautiful trail. Was definitely worth the effort. Probably the most beautiful trail I've ever done. We also hiked to Island lake which was also amazing. If you hike to Island Lake be prepared for a tough hike, was a bit dangerous in a few spots. My wife and I hiked around the whole lake, even though there is no trail around Island lake. Will try to hike to Fuller Lake next time around.

20 hours ago

Very beautiful walk in the fall. I have 3 dogs and love to walk them off leash. Was a little difficult to walk them and let them go since there seemed to be a lot of traffic (bikes, skateboards, runners, etc.). It may have been just a bad time but very beautiful!!

Not much here. Cool if you like farm fields and swamps I guess.

Great hike with amazing views! Herman lake was gorgeous, just starting to ice over. Surprisingly no snow/ice on trail yet. Fairly strenuous, altitude made it a bit challenging.

Nice views of Boulder and Denver. Went on Saturday at noon, a lot of other hikers as expected. Options for other routes from the trailhead.

I had a great time checking out all of the trails they had to offer. it's a great quick little loop with a few side trails that are great to take the dog along. highly recommended.

Nice hike, conditions are very dry for late October once you get past the initial mud. Some gorgeous views. The lake at the top is stunning with snow capped mountains.

Nice hike but expect lot of snow and ice come late October

1 day ago

I started from Bryce Point and walked the west half of the loop. Then I continued onto Queens Garden Trail and then got to sunrise point. I saw the shuttle bus sign saying the bus runs to Nov 13. But there was no bus at all. A very nice couple offered me a drive back to my car.
The trail is rewarding with amazing views and unique features. But it can get very steep a lot of times. I am happy that I did this trail. It is a must go in Bryce Canyon.

Great hike, description is fairly on point in that it is a lightly moderate hike. Nothing too steep but a good steady climb with a couple of nice relatively flat stretches for a minute or two. We went yesterday and the trail became a little slick with the wet leaves and snow but nothing too crazy. We went with our 8 and 6 year olds. We were up in about 2 hours and down in 48 minutes. Spent about 20 minutes on top. Incredible views and well worth it! Too windy to climb the fire tower so we saved that for next time. I am not sure on the 2.6 miles out and back. That is not accurate, we tracked it at about 2.1 to the summit so more like a 4.2 out and back.