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trail locations for Rhode Island
2 days ago

Great trail, more easy then moderate. Beautiful area walking through a variety of tree species and different terrain. Stonewalls abound as the trail follows some old colonial roads. Nice area for birding or an enjoyable stroll through the woods.

The trail was very pretty but swarming with bugs because of the water. So much so that you are practically tripping over roots and rocks waving bugs away from your face. It was also very hard to find. Maybe early August is not the best time of year for this particular trail.

From the parking area, we took the trail on the right side to Carr's pond, returning to the parking lot the same way. The trail was adequately marked and easy, except for a very wet swampy area. We managed to skirt along the edge of the trail there and walk over some downed trees without getting our feet wet. Part of the fun! We also passed the remains of an old car and stone foundation on the way to Carr's pond, which is pristine and beautiful! Out and back, it took about 1 1/2 hours. Would recommend taking a gps, as we needed to refer to it a couple of times on the return.

Easy, well marked. Beautiful breeze at the pond and a great beaver dam.

My dog, Reggie, enjoyed it. No mosquitos today. Hilly, but not difficult.

Nice easy walk in the woods.

Nice hike, good for dogs .

There are 3 loops linked together. None of them are long (longest was 1.25 miles). There is a clear map and trail markings, but maps that used to be posted where the loops meet have been torn down. The trails are easy to follow, and there are very mild inclines that are barely noticeable. Not sure why this trail is rated as moderate. It was easy. Definitely dog friendly and children could easily walk this trail too.

This trail is just out my back door and down the hill. That makes it a favorite. Trail has lots of roots and planks over swampy areas. Part of the charm.

Went on Sept. 10th for the first time to this trail and I have to say that it has a nice mix of easy to moderate inclines (more easy). If you go off trail there is opportunity to keep most of your hike on the moderate to hard levels.

More than one person noted, watch out for mosquito's, true. I am not a fan of bug spray but you will need it on this one. Bring some ketchup as well since you will be eating a number of them too :)

Trails are well marked, green appears to be "the" difficult level.

Light snacks and 1 to 1.5 liters of water should do the trick for this experience. Save the tents, flint, and sirloins for another day.., another trail.

on Breakheart Loop Trail

10 days ago

A beautiful trail. One of my favorites so far. Beautiful beach. Went with my husband and we had a great time. We did 3 miles. In a little over an hour. We will definitely be back soon! Also we saw a snake on the trail and a couple chipmunks and an abandoned rusted antique car in the woods.

Very well marked, varying length trails through differing types of forest. Well worth the $2 entry fee.

Missed the posting that no dogs are allowed. Looks like a nice place, just not for me.

Not particularly scenic - a lot of damage to the trees. Though if you are looking for an easy hike this trail is for you.

Great for a quick ride in the afternoon.

road biking
11 days ago

12 days ago

short but good