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1 day ago

It's nowhere near 5 miles long! it's more like 2 miles and it didn't take 2 hours--more like 1. Not sure about this description on here. It's moderate, with pretty pond views, some parts of the trail are narrow and some parts are wide. It was fairly easy to negotiate. We sort of stumbled upon this trail,, with no plan or map or anything and we could follow it very easily. The yellow trail markers are plentiful and easy to follow. I will definitely be back.

1 day ago

Beautiful spot....

Such a beautiful walk, now one of my favorites!

4 days ago

Hiked from Canochet Rd lot down to Ashville Pond to Stubtown Rd lot. Then opted to return walking the back roads for a little more aerobic walk. There is a spot on the trail down where you have to do an immediate u turn on a ledge that is not clearly marked! But having AllTrails shows you exactly where you are so you can't get lost.

Not sure if we parked in the wrong location, trail was nice, lots of rocky inclines but lost the yellow trail abruptly. Just suddenly ended. Tried to find another trail, drove to another spot that looked like it would take us to another pond but nothing was marked.

5 days ago

Parked near the canoe launch, gorgeous little area with a bathroom. Picked up the yellow trail, followed it across the road and eventually lost the trail. We ran into a family that had a printed map and that was a big help but still struggled a bit to stay on a trail towards the end. Kept listening for the sounds of cars and followed the river back towards the road. Followed what looked liked white triangles and then picked up a blue trail.

Favorite trail, well marked, good inclines, great views!

Nice and simple. Lake is pretty. Saw very little wildlife unfortunately.

Short, easy trail.

Perfect hiking to do with a toddler. Very easy hiking and it's just the right distance. Took about an hour with my two-year-old and he walked a little more than half of it. I carried him the rest of the way. There's three or 4 foot bridges to keep it interesting for the kids. He really enjoyed running on the little bridges on top of the swampy stuff.

Great elevation for people that want to just stroll and see the water.
Wheelchairs and strollers are easy to handle on the smooth paved path.
The wind was mild, but can get strong - so hold your hat!
Plenty of joggers, a few cyclist (really too short for a goor bike ride), and tons of walkers.
Parking can fill fast, and then you have to park out on the road (which isn't restricted - just not convenient.)
The park isnt restricted to just the walking path either. We concluded the walk by taking an old broken up section of Rocky Point Rd and hiking back out to Palmer Rd and finally the lot.
Lots of locals know about it, and it is right in the neighborhood, watch your speed and watch for kids.

Didn't meet one dog that wasnt friendly either (or person for that matter).

Good trails clear paths and marked well

this trail has some spectacular views in the Fall.