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trail locations for Pennsylvania

Great for a family hike.

2 days ago

a great hike

2 days ago

The main trail is a flat wide bike path not fun for hiking but it's by the beautiful river, the mtn biking / hiking trails are the best maintained trails I've hiked and over beautiful views of the river, and small seconds of creek along the way. I've found various birds, snakes, mushrooms, deer, snails, and rodents along the trail however I've seen black bear on the roads behind it so keep a watch.

2 days ago

Great trail with some awesome views! Followed the black loop and was not disappointed. There was one huge down tree I had to go around but besides that the trail was great! If you are following the black loop counter clockwise when you come to the road cross and go to your right about 50 feet to pick the trail back up again.

2 days ago

love these trails

I give 2.5 rounded up to 3. It's not bad and probably ideal for the family with kids. There are lots of covered eating areas, picnic tables and benches. It is clean and in pretty good shape. However I wasn't too excited about anything here. There are some nice spots right along the Delaware River, and the view of Philadelphia in the distance is cool. It's probably not a bad place to run. As previously stated this is a nice walk to do with the little ones. If you're looking for a more wooded area and varying levels of trail challenges, you should look elsewhere.

Perfect day! Great views! Nice training grounds for bigger adventure.

3 days ago

The trail was well taken care of and posed very few issues. Some spots were a bunch of loose rocks, but nothing to cause worry. It is fairly steep gradient, but the view at the top is absolutely worth it. I ate my lunch there today. I am told if you keep going on the trail until you come to a shelter, ~2-3 miles further, there is another lookout. I heard it was just as good. I would definitely recommend this trail.

cool hike

3 days ago

very nice walk in the woods but couldn't find the overlook in the pictures shown

an awesome hike with some really great views and scenery

on Jacobsburg Trail

3 days ago

Beautiful very interesting trail, and fun for dogs too! I wouldn't rate it as difficult, but you do need to be sure-footed as it is pretty "bumpy". Not a long trail but the interesting factor makes up for it. I went in September but it must be even more beautiful in June with the Mountain Laurel in bloom.

Pretty intense trails and beautiful waterfalls. Would definitely return again!!