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trail running
1 month ago

Allentown has done a terrific job maintaining the gem of Lehigh Valley Parks. The wall collapse was repaired with meticulous detail, the water smell issues have been eliminated, and the Lights in the Parkway are back and better than ever for 2016. Lucky to live here!

decent trail, don't care for the horse poop or the sewer smell from time to time

rock climbing
5 months ago

Fun kids it was fun to climb the rocks but the actual hike was around a fenced off area :(

Fun for me and my daughter. We love looking at he graffiti and seeing how the art hanged as more people visit. Be sure to check out the rave cave!! ✌

I love this place!!!!

8 months ago

Sad. Was hoping for a nice view. Got beautiful rocks covered in graffiti.

The best Allentown trail. So much to do and see. it is also very well maintained. This place is only a mile from center city and offers do much. Fly fishing, disc golf, biking, exercise spots and tons of wild life. Great place to go after work with your family.

This is a very easy walking trail, but be aware that there are a couple of very smelly areas near the water that always smell like raw sewage.

Not really a "Trail", more a path to some large boulders overlooking a valley. Lots of graffiti and generally dirty with trash and drug paraphernalia scattered around.

As an FYI, you have to walk into the woods from the parking area, to the left of a fenced area. Not clearly marked when I was there.

This would indeed be a family friendly trail; very serene. I completed it with ease with a jogging stroller so no major dips/damage to trail/not too steep. This trail is very clean and maintained & in the early AM of the weekday it has adult travelers (obviously) but very peaceful. There were trout fisherman by the river & quite a few gave hellos- nice atmosphere to jog/run.

One of my favorite places to run and walk my dogs! Very peaceful and tends to be a lot of joggers on it so a safer trail to be.

Family friendly, but I enjoyed the solitude and natural beauty of the walking path .

This is my favorite place to walk I love it there it is so fun my mom takes me there we have a fun time its dog friendly you can ride bikes