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scenic driving
15 hours ago

Very beautiful coastal drive.

on Top Spur Trail

18 hours ago

great hike for quick get away

Real nice hike with plenty of water falls . Rock's are slippery when wet be careful.

22 hours ago

A very short walk with good views

Great October hike!

Absolutely stunning falls this past weekend thanks to all the rain recently. Overall, it's an easy hike with a couple of moderate switchbacks between the falls. Beware beaver holes and some slick spots.

1 day ago

What a pleasant surprise. The area is blasted by logging, but still surprises with old spruce trees, an abandoned homestead and a wonderful bridge over the creek. While we were crossing over the bridge I heard a splash beneath us. The creek was full of huge Chinook salmon spawning and working their way upstream!

Super beautiful, and easy hike! Take your time and this hike is not hard at all, barely any steep parts. Some seriously huge trees on this trail. The old burnt dead forest is an incredible sight to see.. sad but very cool to see all the new life slowly developing. This is an absolute perfect hike with great views. Recommend it to anyone, especially for dogs!

1 day ago

Breath taking hike. If you don't mind people and having to worry about your dog being on leash for 6 miles, I'd say this was a fabulous hike. This was without a doubt one of the most beautiful heavily populated state parks I've ever been to. Healthy wildlife and river run. Be careful for rattlesnakes, I ran into a pretty disgruntled young Diamond Back. Enjoy!

1 day ago

nothing fancy, but very relaxing. A peaceful quiet walk.

nice easy trail. you can make it more difficult if you take some of the dirt trails down to the lake.

went with our 2.5 year old & 7 year old daughter. my husband took turns having our youngest on our shoulders going up the trail but she did half of it on the way down. my oldest did the entire trail. speaking of the trail itself, it was absolutely beautiful & a great work out while going up the trail. the clatsop loop down was pretty easy. there's views along the route. its definitely worth it and I'll most likely go again!

1 day ago

I've been here 3 times to date. Great spot for hanging out by the river when it gets hot. Lots of nice scenery and swimming opportunities. Many different species of dragonfly hang out here in the summer. There are also several camp sites.
Side note:
I'm not sure why anyone would tag this as wheelchair friendly as the last time I went there where several downed trees over the trail. The shoreline down by the river is quite rocky and I imagine would be frustrating to handle in a wheelchair.

1 day ago

This is quick and dirty over-niter we did in 2013. Good for a quick day hike or an overnight backpacking trip to a lake. Many trail connections in the area make longer multi day routes possible with creative planning.

One of my new favorite trails! Definitely do the loop- the outer most trail (not closest to the river) is amazing!!!!!! The falls itself is spectacular as well. I could spend all day in that forest. There is no bridge to cross the river, but there are a few logs that you can use. I also had 9 miles- the distance may be off on this app- but it was a fairly easy 9 miles. Also the road just before the parking lot has quite a few big potholes.