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trail locations for Oregon

on Sweet Creek Trail

21 hours ago

on Pinard Falls Trail

21 hours ago

on Moon Falls Trail

21 hours ago

on Spirit Falls Trail

21 hours ago

21 hours ago

nice short hike with some pools to wade in, a small beachy area and some cliffs to jump off, below the falls.

21 hours ago

An amazing must-go trail and must-see view. I was in the Sahalie Falls viewpoint some years ago but it was today that I have hiked the whole trail. The air near Sahalie is so fresh and humid that it is worth canning :-) In fact there is at least one significant (unnamed?) waterfall between Koosah and Sahalie plus a bunch of smaller up the river.

The trail seemed longer then the signs they had posted said. Someone needs to do some updating on what the real distances are. Awesome hike! It was a good work out, climbing some rock, hills tree roots. My 7 year old granddaughter had no problem with the trail. Great spots to stop at along the river on your way up to the falls.

Awesome trail with grear views.

on Mount June Trail

22 hours ago

This hike is worth every step. It has the most beautiful view.

It was a really fun trail hard but alot of fun the trail was pretty well marked. lots of trees and not much of a view. Alot of up hill took me and my friend 7 and a half hours for up and down with a few breaks great work out.

on Mount Pisgah Trail

22 hours ago

To me this hike seems harder because it is mostly up hill, and very hot. There are not many trees for shade. There are plenty of benches to take a break if needed. I love that at the top there is a hug map, so you know what you are looking at. Expect a good work out and beautiful view!!


on Spencer Butte Trail

22 hours ago

on Goodman Trail

23 hours ago

Trail is mostly shaded by trees and brush with small glimpse of the sun. I didn't run into any waterfalls, however there were a few streams and ponds. Half way into hike is a small lookout, which I guess is the view. Very beautiful. The hike is very strenuous, so I would recommend to stretch prior to hike.

mountain biking
23 hours ago

Simple, non-technical ride. Moderately hilly, but not punishing. At the ends of the trail, foot, dog, and other biker traffic gets heavier. I like this trail for training runs and for tune-up rides. Sadly, parking at the the east end is neighborhood and usually packed. Parking at the west end is usually better although there is less space. I do recommend this trail for easy hikes, runs, and rides, just don't expect anything spectacular. It's good for dates, families, and pets.

A great challenge :D

Amazing views and rocks to perch on. Only downside was the number of people! Even parking was a challenge. But it's a great hike so it's easy to see why it's so popular.

It's A long hike but worth it, figure about 11 miles.

Super short easy trail that leads to a flat marker on the ground at the four county point. The whole hike was punctuated by the sound of gunshots; I never saw anyone but could hear people firing guns nearby the entire time. Not the vibe I seek while hiking.