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on Opal Creek Trail
18 hours ago


This was our first backpacking trip. There were 2 adults and 6 children ages 7-14. Leading up to this trip i had trouble finding information about camp sites. I will share with you what we found.
There were a few campsite options about 2 miles in at Merten mill(where the first bunch of old mining equipment is), if you don't mind everyone entering this wilderness hiking by your site.
Once you get onto the kopetski trail another 1/4 mile down the road( take a right over the wooden bridge), the forest is real dense and we didn't notice any suitable areas for a camp until just after slide falls(2 3/4 miles into the hike).
This is where we camped(slide falls) and the site was big enough for 3-4 small tents. From here until opal pool the forest thins out and we saw 5(maybe 6)
other sites suitable for camping that would accommodate multiple tents.
On the gravel road we only saw 2 small sites suitable for only 1 tent, these also were just past slide falls.
None of the pools or waterfalls are marked except opal pool. We never did find sawmill falls (somewhere in the vicinity of merten mill).
We did find slide falls, only because other people were there. We all had a blast playing in the pool and going down the slide. In the afternoon it got really crowded, so I would suggest getting there early.
I hope this was helpful to future backpackers.

on Kentucky Falls Trail
18 hours ago


Great for families or a casual hike as it's quite short and moderate in terms of elevation. There's a waterfall along the way, through beautiful old-growth forest, to the two waiting at the end of the trail. If your GPS is like mine, it is liable to bring you there a number of ways. You'll go through some pretty rough and narrow dirt roads and potentially an old grass-covered road barely the width of a car. The coordinates provided by the site are accurate.

The trail is nice. Not particularly spectacular but you're able to get very close to the waterfalls. The last one, in particular, has some great spots to hang out for a while. The trail is very well maintained. There's really no chance of getting lost.

The website says "lightly trafficked" but I went on a non-holiday weekday morning and still ran into several groups of people.

Overall, I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something casual or for waterfalls.

on Henline Falls Trail
18 hours ago


Super short and simple hike. little water fall is nice. There is a little pool at the bottom of the falls. If you're the first one there its all good but when people see they can hike there It can get pretty busy for such a small area.

on Grizzly Peak Trail
19 hours ago


great hike with incredible views.

on Hoyt Arboretum Trails
22 hours ago

I love the area and the international rose test garden is just right around the corner!

on Tryon Creek State Park Tr...
22 hours ago


This is a great all weather trail close in. Good for cool, rainy days.

on Mount Bailey Trail
23 hours ago


It's 9.4 miles round trip. Not 19.4.

on Roxy Ann Peak Trail
1 day ago


many trails .. awesome little hike...clean ..very little trash ..

on John Day Fossil Beds Clas...
1 day ago

road biking

I am an avid cyclists and have lived in Mt Vernon and the John Day area for 16 years. I know of no such 118.4 mile loop called John Day Fossil Beds. If it exits I would like to ride it.