the directions on here are stupid. gotta walk through neighborhoods. to walk from where it leads you said it would be 30 minutes

Awesome trail, one of my favorites. Pretty enlightening experience. Moderate to difficult in some areas.

3 days ago

Great little place to get away for a short walk or run in the trees. Facilities at both ends of the park. Parts of the trail do flood occasionally during the rainy season and the wooden bridges can be extremely slippery when wet.

trail running
3 days ago

went on a very rainy day so the lake didn't have the same awesomeness as on a nice one.

Fun hike in an Oak Savanna forest. We saw an eagle on a snag, newts, deer sign, mushrooms, and lots of other birds while we were there. Great photo opportunities.

It's steep at the beginning, but kids could do it. The trail is not flat and can get muddy.

They have a pit toilet, but it's usually dirty as it's close to highway 22.

Very crowded on the weekend. The path was nicely paved, but needed to be a little wider for the different skills of the riders. I wouldn't take kids again, especially on the weekend. I have teens, and they were timid to get run over by the experienced riders.

Bathrooms were pit toilets and were not clean from over use. Some litter, not too bad.

Crossing the bridge was fun for all of us. The forest was gorgeous.

I would try again, but maybe first thing in the morning, or during the week.

Beautiful little redwood trail that is only one of two places redwoods are in Oregon and this one almost straddles the Ca border. I found this online somewhere and decided to do it a year ago. The only disappointment is that it is so short and takes a little time to get to. There are some beautiful old growth redwoods that are definitely in a place you wouldn't expect. The trail is 3 miles up a very little used dirt road off the Winchuck. There are a few old logging roads on the way up that are nice hikes that I have done with my dog and I have never seen anyone else there...

One of my go to hikes with my dogs. On the Crissey Field end they have to be leashed but on the other end there are far less people and Pelican doesn't require a leash. Beautiful beach with great open ocean views. Off in the distance most days you can see the lighthouse and many rock formations including Camel Rock out in front of Crissey Field. You also have the option of playing with the dogs or fishing in the Winchuck River. Very common to see Seals, Sea Lions and Ospreys on the hunt near the mouth of the river.

My 62 year old parents did this hike with me, however it is not for the faint of hearts. Not the easiest hike out there. However, worth the views on a good day and not over populated, it is worth every step.

just walked this trail with my toddler comma we had a great time even in the rain. pretty easy for the most part. nice and mostly through the trees

this was a pretty easy hike, my baby and I did it on a rainy day I was pushing a jogging stroller and carrying her most of the way.

The park was closed due to a forecasted storm and some downed trees but we parked down the road and went anyway. Of course it added a few miles (like 7) but it was a great trip up to Hikers Camp!

seems like there is a lot to explore up here. will go again for sure.

this is up at Silver falls state park. great place. you should go.

easy. fun to see the changing colors on the trees. be careful on the boardwalk because it's slippery when wet.