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trail locations for Sisters, Oregon
6 days ago

I hiked the eastern portion of this trail while hiking down to Tamolitch pool, making this part of a 2 day backpacking trip. We camped near Tamolitch pool and the Clear Lake trail was at the very beginning and end of our hike, which was great! The paved path through the volcanic flows is wild to look at.

on Middle Sister Trail

ice climbing
15 days ago

16 days ago

Shady trail opens up into beautiful view. Terrific summit with an excellent view of the Sisters


We've read about this hike and couldn't wait for the weather to be cooler. It was a beautiful Sunday to hike Tam MacArthur. We knew the trail started at Three Creeks Lake, so we packed a picnic for when when finished the hike. The elevation of the parking lot is at 6550 feet. The first mile of the hike up was pretty steep. We then were up over Three Creeks Lake and it was beautiful. There was a point (and you'll see Jack pointing) where in the view ahead, you could see the Prow we were going to hike to and Jack was pointing to it. After that point, we reached the switchbacks which we were very appreciative of to make it easier going up. The hike up was moderate. We walked thru heavy forests above the lake and then a few meadows. The views were amazing. The one meadow we got to before we went straight up, there was a fork in the trail, but you wanted to take it to the left. Once we made that last trek straight up, we were on the edge and you could see we were very high high, 7732 ft. Once we got to the Prow, we continued west towards the snowfields about another 400 feet up to get a perfect view of the Sisters. Then we turned around and headed back to the Prow where we stopped and took in the 360 degree views. We could see Smith Rock and a lot more. This has been one of our favorite hikes so far. We were not ready to go down, but knew we had to. I always enjoy going back because you can see the hike in a different perspective. Once we got down, we got our picnic and headed to the dock, pulled our shoes off and let them rest in the the cool water. It was a beautiful finish to a wonderful day. By the time we got back to the car, we had hiked a little over 8 miles and over 20,000 steps. What a great day!

23 days ago

I really enjoyed this hike! It is fairly uphill the entire way there so a decent challenge, but the trail is very evident so no fear of getting off route. I did this hike on my own and had a wonderful time. The summit is windy and cold so remember layers. Took me 2 1/2 hours total and I spent a good amount of time soaking in the view before heading back down.

This is a 5 star hike just for the ratio of hike to view. The overall trail is well-worn and easy to follow (although, at times there are multiple forks along the way). The hike itself is already at such a high elevation that you don't have to climb 1000s of feet to see a good view. Make sure to hike the extra 1.3 miles to the cindercone next to Broken Hand and see the grandeur of the Three Sisters along with a view up and down the Cascade Range. Extend your hike another 0.9 miles to Broken Hand to see the deep blue waters of the lake below Broken Top. Don't attempt to reach the trailhead too early in the season as the Forest Service keeps the road closed often times well into July or early August due to snow at such high elevation. Also, prepare for a substantial amount of exposure to the elements as there is very little shelter along the entire hike. Enjoy!

Nice hike Great view from the top no shade after the first three-quarter mile so recommend starting early on sunny days. got to talk with a few PCT hikers can't wait to go back and do Belknap mountain or Black Butte both are taller

Beautiful and a great look out point at about the 5 mile mark that totally makes the hike !

Good hike with amazing views at the top. The hike isn't exceptionally beautiful (although still nice) but the 360 degree views at the top make this tough hike worth it. Took about an 2.5 hours round trip. I read some reviews that said there were a lot of trees across the trail...it's all clear now.

1 month ago

We like to start at Clear Lake Resort and hike North around the lake. Easy hike most of the way. You will hike thru an old lave flow on the East side of the lake. Some loose lava rock and can get very hot in the summer. Bring your water bottle. Beautiful views of the Three Sister's. And the lake's color is amazing. A nice bridge takes you over the start of the McKenzie river on the south end. Plan about 2.15 hours for this hike.

Great hike with my wife and daughter, legs get a wake up right away but then some relief as the trail levels out some then back to steep and level out for most of the way. Can't complain too much about the trail as we saw a cross country team running up and down the trail. Got to the Rim and had a snack. I continued on for a couple more miles until the well-traveled trail ends and then it is kinda sketchy and much caution is recommended from there on. The view of Broken Top's icy blue lake is fantastic. It sits in Broken Top's crater.

Easy hike!

Final view feels like you are on top of the world

From Lava Camp Lake walked to South Matthieu lake then to North Matthieu lake, returning to Lava Camp Lake via the PCT. Almost no mosquitos the entire walk. Heading north on the PCT from North Matthieu provides some grand views of lava fields, a few wild flowers, and some Cascade peaks. Nice short day hike.