Awesome trail, one of my favorites. Pretty enlightening experience. Moderate to difficult in some areas.

beautiful place. amazing to be able to go behind the waterfalls and it's also a great area for berries. biking and lots of trails are available. I'd recommend it for anyone! a lodge is also there with food and a cafe and a campground is very close.

13 days ago

Great short hike with rewarding views! I like to take the nature trail on the way up, and the road on the way down for variety.

Definitely make the trek to Green Peak Falls- there are some "homemade" signs to guide the way. Lovely fall colors and beautiful falls!

It took a little work to find the right trail to Green Peak Falls. It was worth the work.

Easy to walk. Good way to start the day. Awesome views of Mt. Hood.

Good hike to acclimate to altitude. Steady 1.5 miles uphill towards end is challenging for moderately healthy folks. Well marked trail.

Fantastic trail! Our GPS gave us 6.5 miles round trip. Lots of uphill one way but after that it's relatively flat. I'd start the Wakeena way- less people.

This is one of my favorite hikes, and the one that I take most of my out-of-towners to go see. Lots of beautiful waterfalls, views, gorgeous forest and it's not so long or so steep that I completely flatten them. Love this hike.

This was a pretty simple two mile hike to the top. It was a beautiful view. quite dusty and dry. The trail is uphill the whole way but easy to follow. The peak is a parking lot which is always kind of a bummer, but I am glad I hiked rather than drove because there are some awesome, private scenic spots along the way. Not to mention hiking is always more rewarding.

I took the jeep and dogs out from Kuna along the back roads toward Jordan Valley and then connected with the route thru to leslie gulch. The road was washboarded out pretty bad for quite a bit of the trip and it was HOT! When we got to the gulch, it was mostly dried up. I think this year (2013)has been a hard, dry summer. On the way back we turned north and out thru Succor creek. There is some "middle earth" looking terrain up there! So cool to see (but hot and dusty) and we did a little exploring. I won't be doing this trip again in summer... maybe spring time would be better. We had fun but man was the jeep dusty! ha

scenic driving
1 month ago

Beautiful scenic drive. The area below Port Orford and Gold Beach have unusual and beautiful rock formations.

great hike with beautiful views of falls, specially close to Wakheena falls at multiple spots, fairy falls and ecola falls (digression to go near ecola falls is worth it). start from the wakheena side, was less crowded.