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trail locations for Portland, Oregon

I used to work at Tryon Creek State Park. It's good for trail runners and anyone that wants to get into nature for a little bit from the city.

the directions on here are stupid. gotta walk through neighborhoods. to walk from where it leads you said it would be 30 minutes

trail running
11 days ago

Great hike, especially for being right in the city. I felt like this was more of an easy hike than a moderate one. Good tree cover for a rainy day hike, however the trail was a bit slippery so use caution if you're going on a wet day!

12 days ago

Nice trail, easy access. Multiple points of access. Partly Runs along highways and houses. Finishes at a park with a great view of the city. Spotted a homeless squatter on the trail.

Loved the hike! Lots of beautiful scenery including the stone house. The Pittock mansion is a beautiful sight, be sure to get there before 4pm if you want to view the amazing home! Admission is $10 for adults.

I hate going uphill, so this was rough. It was also like 90 degrees, so that didn't help. Going down was a breeze!

Another of the area parks that really make Portland stand out for me. It's a nice local spot to get out and stretch your legs, jog, walk the dogs. The perimeter trails are ok for mountain biking, but the park has thankfully started putting up 'no bikes' signs on the central trails close to the visitors center although people still do it and it creates a hazard to have mountain bikes cone zipping downhill on a singletrack where there is heavy pedestrian traffic and large numbers of dogs on leash. If you come here to ride, just start out on the cinder drive on the north and west sides of the visitor center and parking areas, you'll get to the wooded singletrack soon enough and without running people down. Anyway, I rate it higher than 3 stars for a city park, has nice views on a clear day of Mt Hood, Helen, Adams, and lots of wildflowers in season, I usually see deer here in the evenings, and it's a nice way to enjoy nature without even leaving the city, but it's not what I look for when it comes to hiking & trails either.

We've hiked this 2 times! Great trail and it well maintained. Not overly crowded. Lots of foot traffic but still great! Passing the witches house is a great visual and the sounds of the water is a nice change since it's so close to pdx! A great workout of switchbacks going up towards pittock mansion!

Excellent hike. Beautiful view at the top.

This was our second time giving this trail a try, as last time we took a wrong turn, and ended up off the populated part of the trail, before we got too thick into the homeless camps, we decided to turn around and take the paved trail to Sellwood. I think trail markers, and/or a trail map would be a wonderful investment. This time around was nice, lots of Squirrels running about. We definitely want to give this a go one more time when the wetlands are a little more wet, hopefully after the leaf fall, we'll get to see more wildlife. Definitely worth the walk!

Good trail for a casual hike or trail running. Could easily make a longer hike out of it if you do the full loop and explore branch trails.

Great place for hiking or running.

mountain biking
25 days ago

Simple, non-technical ride. Moderately hilly, but not punishing. At the ends of the trail, foot, dog, and other biker traffic gets heavier. I like this trail for training runs and for tune-up rides. Sadly, parking at the the east end is neighborhood and usually packed. Parking at the west end is usually better although there is less space. I do recommend this trail for easy hikes, runs, and rides, just don't expect anything spectacular. It's good for dates, families, and pets.

27 days ago

28 days ago

This was a fun and easy journey down this trail, perfect for the fall time. There wasn't any traffic on the way down and there maybe a group or two on my way up. The view was definitely worth it once you get down to the viewing platform and great exercise going back to the beginning of the trailhead. I would recommend this if you live or headed to St. John's; especially with all the colors changing in the forest.

My husband and I traveled here from San Diego. We love trail running but are used to dry climate. This was the most beautiful run I've ever done. Brutal and unforgiving though with lots of hills. All worth it though because the scenery is amazing. Definitely recommend for a hike or a daring run.

Went for a run this morning. Trail is well marked and beautiful. Very steep for running though. Feels remote enough even though you cross over three roads. Coming back down you can take an alternative trail to make last part a loop. You'll see sign saying .06 to parking lot. Marquam shelter.

Great urban hike with excellent views at the summit. You do cross a few roads, but most of the hike is secluded, climbing through thick forest around deep gorges in the hillside.