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trail locations for Portland, Oregon
4 days ago

This was a fun and easy journey down this trail, perfect for the fall time. There wasn't any traffic on the way down and there maybe a group or two on my way up. The view was definitely worth it once you get down to the viewing platform and great exercise going back to the beginning of the trailhead. I would recommend this if you live or headed to St. John's; especially with all the colors changing in the forest.

My husband and I traveled here from San Diego. We love trail running but are used to dry climate. This was the most beautiful run I've ever done. Brutal and unforgiving though with lots of hills. All worth it though because the scenery is amazing. Definitely recommend for a hike or a daring run.

Went for a run this morning. Trail is well marked and beautiful. Very steep for running though. Feels remote enough even though you cross over three roads. Coming back down you can take an alternative trail to make last part a loop. You'll see sign saying .06 to parking lot. Marquam shelter.

Great urban hike with excellent views at the summit. You do cross a few roads, but most of the hike is secluded, climbing through thick forest around deep gorges in the hillside.

8 days ago

Heavily trafficked trail with a trailhead at the Pittock Mansion parking lot. Runs along be highway. Lots of runners. Easily accessed from downtown. Decent inclines and descents.

Have had great photo taking times at the end of the trail at sunset.

Another nice city park, I frequent it for walking the dogs.

Kind of a lame "walk". No signage, had no idea where to go. Took a path that led to the sewage and then up to the main road. Had no idea where to go, there were like 5 different paths. It's nice for a morning walk if you live in the area, otherwise would not recommend.

11 days ago

This hike was quick and easy, but definitely a workout from start to finish. It was pretty peaceful and there was hardly anyone on the trail; which was nice. If you are looking for a short hike near St. John's, I would recommend this one, but expect to be a little sore afterwards if you haven't hiked in awhile.

Amazing how your in the city but you feel so far away. Trails are pretty easy.

Great trail for the family.

Great hike especially with kids.

Little crowded on weekends, but an awesome hike for a little get away.

Great view of the Columbia

Very beautiful and they're currently working on upgrades. Squirrels, bird and rabbits! Plant life is apparent and fish. For Pokemon Go fans it has five Pokestops and a gym. The gazebo has brand new wood and seating for under twenty people. It is a fun and calming walk and great escape from work. Finally there are two perfectly good baseball fields with dugouts and scoreboards!

Enjoyed the walk with good view, farmers market under burnside bridge, festival at Hawthorne bridge and row boat races.