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on Deschutes River Trail
19 hours ago


Trail is a mixture of runners, people with dogs, and mountain bikers. It's a dirt trail that is mostly flat. Walking along the river was really pretty but to/from was just okay. Keep track of which paths you've taken because it isn't marked at all. Overall pretty, close to Bend, and very dog friendly!

on Linear Trail
21 hours ago

very nice system of trails

on Opal Creek Trail
1 day ago


This was our first backpacking trip. There were 2 adults and 6 children ages 7-14. Leading up to this trip i had trouble finding information about camp sites. I will share with you what we found.
There were a few campsite options about 2 miles in at Merten mill(where the first bunch of old mining equipment is), if you don't mind everyone entering this wilderness hiking by your site.
Once you get onto the kopetski trail another 1/4 mile down the road( take a right over the wooden bridge), the forest is real dense and we didn't notice any suitable areas for a camp until just after slide falls(2 3/4 miles into the hike).
This is where we camped(slide falls) and the site was big enough for 3-4 small tents. From here until opal pool the forest thins out and we saw 5(maybe 6)
other sites suitable for camping that would accommodate multiple tents.
On the gravel road we only saw 2 small sites suitable for only 1 tent, these also were just past slide falls.
None of the pools or waterfalls are marked except opal pool. We never did find sawmill falls (somewhere in the vicinity of merten mill).
We did find slide falls, only because other people were there. We all had a blast playing in the pool and going down the slide. In the afternoon it got really crowded, so I would suggest getting there early.
I hope this was helpful to future backpackers.

on Mary's Peak Trail
2 days ago

view was amazing, love the siuslaw national forrest. the hike wasn't a hike it was more of a drive to the top and an enormously steep uphill climb that lasts all but 3-5 minutes. check out the wild flowers.

on Calloway Creek to Cap House Loop Tr...
2 days ago


I was very pleased and excited that this trail was so easy to find. Great path for running and biking...I'll definitely add this to my favorites. This trail runs into many others in the you can make it an adventure.

on Opal Creek Trail
3 days ago

Love the old mines and relics.

on McKenzie River National R...
3 days ago


A perfect little hike--take the kids, take your parents who don't like hiking--they will after this one! Beautiful forest follows river then goes up above river on lave rock to the gorgeous Tamolitch Pool. Something special to see for sure.

on Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refu...
3 days ago

Nice trail, unfortunately one part was permanently closed.

on Row River Trail
4 days ago

rails trails

Excellent trail,. really enjoyed the trail from town to its end. easy ride, though happened to be on a weekend of record heat over 100 degrees. the mornings were wonderful though. stayed at Shwarz park campground and bikes to the trail a short distance west on row river road. we will do this trail again

on Misery Ridge and Summit T...
4 days ago


Great hike with steep, slippery descents. This is one of the harder cardio hikes I've been on and it feels very hot even when it's only in the low 70s. It's cool to watch the rock climbers and the view from the summit is magnificent. It's a great place to take visitors.

on Deschutes River South Can...
4 days ago


Gorgeous trail. Usually pretty busy. Great views of the river. Love the informational plaques on one side of the trail. It's a very easy walk.

on Goodman Trail
4 days ago


What a beautiful treat after a nice hike through the forest.

on Clear Lake Trail
4 days ago


We like to start at Clear Lake Resort and hike North around the lake. Easy hike most of the way. You will hike thru an old lave flow on the East side of the lake. Some loose lava rock and can get very hot in the summer. Bring your water bottle. Beautiful views of the Three Sister's. And the lake's color is amazing. A nice bridge takes you over the start of the McKenzie river on the south end. Plan about 2.15 hours for this hike.

on Fall River Trail
5 days ago


This was one of the most beautiful hikes I've been on! Definitely recommend this one!!