trail locations for Lake Oswego, Oregon
19 hours ago

Easy hike. Not a whole lot to see.

High-traffic, well-maintained trail in dense, lush forest in the city of Portland. Lots of runners and families. Away from development and street noise, quiet and peaceful. Facilities include bathrooms and maps. Great loop for showing guests the native habitat.

Loved this place. Not a lot of people, no noise from the cars and really peaceful I would definitely return here

This is the 100 acre wood!

This is a great all weather trail close in. Good for cool, rainy days.

trail running
1 month ago

This is a cool park for running because of the challenging aspect of the hill and the switchbacks. The first time I ran up to the butte I felt like my legs would fall off but of course that made them stronger for next time. My dog loves to walk the trails as well. Bring you own water as there is none in the park. If you have some extra time explore the area and head over to Stevens meadows and walk/run through the meadow as well. If at the end of the day you have some extra time , go up to the palisades crest entrance at the time of sunset and see the sun set over the valley in a magnificent manner

This is a great escape for short little walks in the forest. The greatest advantage of this park is that it is so close to the city. My dog loves to go and walk the numerous trails within the park. The farther from the nature center you get, the less people you will see. From past experience I would recommend looking at a map online and parking at one of the more southern parking areas rather than at the nature center. This would be a good walk/hike for those not looking to do a long or strenuous hike but rather to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A great hike. I wish they had a more detailed map. Somehow I ended up on the bike trail for the last 3/4 of the hike. Peaceful and cool with all the trees.

Really great

Nice easy stroll with beautiful trees and water.

Was a fun trail.

This trail is fun and great for family and our dogs.. we loved it..

trail running
1 month ago

For a quick and fun workout of jogging or walking and to get energy out.. this park is great for that.. bring water...

A lovely, all weather trail that is easy and peaceful. This is a shorter, mostly maintained trail that is also good for trail running.

We did several combinations of the trail. It was a good easy hike.

Pretty mellow hike. Not very crowded and has a good few spots to give doggos a break.


Great, on hot days there's good shade to keep you cool, restrooms and amazing nature.

This was our 2nd time here. We hiked half hour out and back the first time mostly just off the Equestrian trail. this time we took the main trail and also the side trails which are fun and keep it from getting boring or feeling like a city trail. Dog friendly. Saw lots of runners on this trail too. The law school is just off this trail. Great for a day 'easy' hike.