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trail locations for Grants Pass, Oregon

This was a wonderful hike with my good friend Sarah. I'd had never completed one of the trails before but did a full 2.7 miles today.

7 days ago

I've done it a couple of times and it's beautiful. I'm planning on doing the whole Rogue River trail with a few friends soon.

Love these trails. I've been hiking them since I was little (before they were officially a trail system). There is a lot of poison oak so be careful. Watch out for Mt. bikers. There are all kinds of trails that go off the beaten path but be careful with those too, you may end up in someone's backyard. Otherwise a very easy-moderate hike and safe. Have fun and happy hiking!

21 days ago

Easy trail. Relatively flat with minor elevation changes. It's on the shady side in mornings so if you go in the summer go early.

Not what one expects on a waterfall hike.

me and my son took 4 days to go from graves creek to foster bar. what an amazing hike. great camping. only seen 1 bear at Rouge River ranch. a few deer. lots of lizards and squirells.

Great hike! Narrow, Rocky trail next to the river. Beautiful views. Quite a few hikers.

Awesome trail!! Absolutely beautiful!!

Enjoyable little hike, worth doing.

Nice little hike.

fun fun got to see some steelhead rushing back up back up the fall.

1 month ago

Great hike! So many routes to take, I could spend hours there!
While my boyfriend and were hiking we found a key fob for a Chevrolet. I have turned it in to the city of Grants Pass Police department. I hope this gets to who ever lost it and you can reclaim it.

Great trail along the Rogue. Dog friendly too.

2 months ago

for us it was tough, we got the crossing right the first time but were confused by reports of a big tree. so we crossed back and took the big tree up all the way using GPS to find it again just heading north. going back was easy. I wouldn't take the big tree up again. cross when the main trail ends at the creek and there is a clear trail on the other side.

It's just a must see if you live in Southern OR. watch the fall salmon jumping the falls. nicer pit style toilet on trail uphill from falls. Fishing for salmon allowed I believe 300' below falls. 2 oz weight, 5 ft leader with 02 hook and corky is typical.

Easy, beautiful! I recommend springtime to avoid major heat off the rock canyons and bring water purification. plan on three to four days to enjoy it and I always recommend a car waiting at the other side or pay a raft shuttle company to give you a lift.