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beautiful scenery with an easy hike

A lot of different trails to explore here. Can be pretty muddy and slick when it's not really dry out. Spacious campsites in the area.

3 months ago

We started from the university falls trailhead. nice and easy hike for the kids. the one downside is the trail isn't marked well and with a bunch of kiddos that can be confusing at times. The kids had fun at the falls and fun father down playing in the creek.

The Rogers trailhead was taped off. Had to find the Gravelle Brothers Trailhead (which was by the entrance off highway 6). The hike was nice because my buddy and I were the only ones on it. Keep in mind we hiked on a Wednesday. The trail was woodsy and there was an awesome bridge going across the stream. Half the trail was through the logging area so clear cut garbage was not a pretty site. Once we got to the falls, it was a perfect spot for lunch. Very secluded. Can hear the dirt bikers on the roads around you at the falls. It is 5 miles round trip this way.

Was a great hike on Gravelle Brothers trail, but large portions of Nels-Rogers trail were closed due to logging.

Amazing things to be seen here if you have a good eye.

Great trail, fun in the snow even. Ended up being about 9 miles.

11 months ago

Trail is well used by bicycles, so stay on alert. Two weeks ago we cleared four downed trees on the portion from Gales Creek Camp to Bell Camp Road; but just last weekend there are two freshly downed trees across the portion up to Summit Trailhead. Stay on alert during the wet season as I heard a tree come down as I was walking to summit last week, just on the opposite of the stream.

Nice trail, but there's a bulletin about avoiding a portion of the trail due to logging during the week. I did not encounter any problems, but if you detour the road signage is not clearly marked and can be confusing

This waterfall was pretty wimpy when we went. I'm sure it's nicer after it rains. Nice hike.

University Falls and Gravelle Brothers Trail are beautiful! Be prepared for significant elevation gain getting onto Nels Rogers Trail and back to complete the loop. We went yesterday and discovered the segment of Wilson River Wagon Road Trail needed to stay on the loop is closed on weekdays for timber harvest activity; the detour was a pain in the ass! If I go again, likely will hike to that midpoint and back. Other than that-it's a nice, moderate hike.

Difficult hike to recommend (ok for mountain biking). Terrible ending on gravel road next to a DOT gravel shed, ORVs, MTBs, target shooters, firewood collectors, and 2 active logging sites adjacent to the trail(!). There are definitely quiet spots, beautiful scenery, lush woods, wonderful waterfalls and really nice streams. Maybe if it were a little warmer, I would have enjoyed it more. I won't NOT recommend this one. Go during the week, less ORV traffic.

I have hiked on this trail several times. It has several side trails that offer new sights so you can return many times with different experiences every time. it countours a beautiful floodplain of Gales Creek.

Very nice hike. We took our chihuahuas and they loved it too.

enjoyed this hike, eventually the sound of the atv's gets smothered by the forest. I will do again in the fall for a better view of the falls..also watch for the high water detour as the first foot bridge is out.

2 years ago

Beautiful trail. A lot of hills if you start down at the campground. Our second hike this year. The day before we did 8 miles in Forest Park so we were a little sore from that.
All in all, great hike if you're looking for an up and down trail.

I have hiked this trail several times, If you just want to see the falls and not go the whole way there is a half mile round trip trail as well near the falls. I have done the short hike just for photo opportunity a few times as well.