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trail locations for Eugene, Oregon

Beautiful over views of the area but dry climbing up the mountain.

Not the best views

Love this hike. In the summer time it offers shade almost all the way up. It's a good climb and amazing view.

It's a nice hike. Always bring my dogs never a lot of people.

KKEP YOUR DOGS ON A LEASH! I run this trail nearly 3 times a week and 99% of the dogs are off leash even though the trails are CLEARLY marked saying dogs must be kept on a leash. Well, of course some asshat owner brings an aggressive dog to a 3' wide trail and I got bit! She had leashed the dog to let another runner pass, and she didn't see that runner was running towards me, so I stopped to let that runner pass and as he did, the owner bent down, unleashed her dog and it turned and nailed my calf - BAM. Thank god I was standing still or it would have be serious tearing of flesh! Super aggressive dog. Was growling at me the whole time she was trying to give me the rabies tag info as blood was coming down my leg. I was so pissed at this woman! Lane County and Eugene City have a law that ALL dog bites that draw blood must be reported to the police and animal control. So I did. And I'll be sending her my Urgent Care bill as well. KEEP YOUR DOGS LEASHED!

on Spencer Butte Trail

6 days ago

beautiful views. there are a couple ways to reach the peak, each with varying difficulty and their own micro climates

9 days ago

Nice easy trail for stretching your legs on an afternoon. There's not really a view from the summit due to scrub and trees, but the section between the Dillard trailhead and the summit has some really lovely vistas, especially the hiker-only section. (The section from the Spring St trailhead is nicely forested.)

11 days ago

I took the short and very steep way up. It was a good workout!

Beautiful 360 views at top!!

Beautiful scenery! Well worth the hike!

I live right next to Delta Ponds and I have to move next month, which makes me feel sad. The best part of the ponds is the wildlife, and I believe it brings birds to our apartment community. The trail is easy and lovely, and while it does get a lot of traffic, I've only ever encountered a few people while I'm in the trails. I love going on misty gray days. The five-star rating is for the ponds and the wildlife but I have a huge complaint for the surrounding city and the people who inhabit it and share the land with the wildlife.

I have seen my fair share of dead animals along Delta Hwy, and twice in the past six months have seen two real horror stories. The first one involved me witnessing the aftermath of a horrible human who plowed through a family of geese as he entered the highway from Goodpasture Island Rd. We were both entering the highway but he sped past me going about 60 mph on the 40 mph road. By the time I entered the highway the damage was done and he was gone, having already caused two cars to collide. As I entered Delta Hwy, going north, feathers were literally flying. It looked like snow and I was confused because I wasn't sure yet what had happened. Because it was almost dark it was hard to make out the scene and I had to slow way down because I saw bodies in the road. At first I thought they were human and it was quite a surreal situation. I pulled off on the shoulder to assist those who were in the accident. The person who caused it was not present. He/She hit and ran. After making sure everyone was o.k., and 911 had been called, I decided to stay to give a report to the police. I could not believe how many people were running right over the dead geese, some continuing to drive at the normal speed limit as if nothing had happened. The people involved in the accidents were pretty shaken up but everything seemed under control until the unthinkable happened. We were off on the east side of the highway near the guardrail and most people were naturally slowing down to either gauk at the mayhem, or just to be careful getting through. Then, right in front of us, another car who chose not to slow down plowed right into the rear of a car that had slowed down. Both cars skidded toward us and we had to run out of the way to avoid being hit. People were screaming and dazed and it was just a nightmare. The police finally arrived and I believe there was a count of 10 dead geese in the end. What a tragedy. All of this caused by a total jerk who chose to speed onto a highway next to a nature reserve. There was a second incident like this on the entrance ramp onto the Beltline, going east, just a couple weeks later. It's truly sad that people feel their busy lives are so much more important than anything else in the world, but I see it here on a daily basis. Such a shame. The city of Eugene should be responsible for at least putting up some signage to prompt people to slow down if they insist on putting a nature reserve next to a highway.

The best part about Spencer Butte is the view from the top. I find it a wonderful and peaceful place to be, although it can be a bit crowded up there. It's a fairly easy walk up for most, but if you have any physical limitations it is more on the moderate side.

Great but heavily used. A note about this map: The sections that are marked with the words"Ridgeline Trail" are not the trail but rather heavy rock roads for power company access to major electrical distribution lines. The trail on the map going to the top of Spencer Butte is an old user trail that is posted to stay off. Poor trail prone to erosion. The city has plans for developing a trail on this side but please don't use this one now.

it's a good bike highway between springfield and eugene

29 days ago

road biking
1 month ago