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nice and close

love this hike need to get there more often

Several length options, easy access, free parking, picnic area... great little hike, especially for being in the middle of suburbia! No doggies allowed - even if they're leashed.

Nice walk enjoyed it very much

Great hideaway in the city. Saw a deer. Friend is mostly water.

no dogs but what a beautiful gem stopped there in rush hour expecting another city park situation but saw very few people...or was raining ...and lots of wildlife going again today went last week and forgot my camera

It was an easy up hill hike. Lots of beautiful trees and flowers. Got to see a deer who was not easily intimidated by my presence. The sound of the forest with all its birds was the most beautiful thing about this hike. I'd do it again for sure!

trail running
6 months ago

Great day end of May.

Amazing urban forestry hike. we went early so the birds were chirping and moving around. I was within 25 feet of a baby deer at one point. The trail is just bathed in beautiful light filtering through the trees. It's an easy hike and some might not like the traffic or views of the city but I love that in Portland I can climb a mountain and be 5 minutes from the freeway.

Nice walk
A little trafficy but still nice

The trail was easy to travel, semi-steep at points, but not too bad. There's a lot of city noise (it's fairly close to I-205) but in the trees it's easy enough to block out or imagine it's ocean waves. The nearby houses/apartments break up the tranquil settings at a couple places but oh well. One thing I would like to point out for those who bring their dogs along - dogs ARE NOT allowed in this park, even on a leash, per posted signs. I don't know if that's new or the app just has it wrong.

Great hike close to the city. Easy to quickly get in 3miles with the lead-in trail and the loop. Good shade & wind protection with the tall trees.

trail running
1 year ago

Sweet trail, great for trail running!

Fun place to trail run.

This is a nice little place to go walking and do some easy trail running. Good place to relax.