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trail locations for Oregon

A great place to catch some good views and enjoy the day. Recommend for any age range.

18 hours ago

Cool beach with not too much nor too little people there. I like how it's not too crowded, but not empty like some of the other coastal beaches in Oregon I've been to. Saw people playing volleyball and hanging around campfires. Haystack Rock was awesome to look at next to the sunset.

This place has Sand Dunes that I have never seen on a beach before! Despite how sunny it was, it got super windy the closer we got to the water. But it was still really scenic and pretty. We didn't make it in time to explore the lighthouse, but the walk out to the beach itself is still a good consolation prize.

Awesome, easy trail with very light traffic on a weekday besides a couple of mountain bikes. Would be a great trail for a run or a dog that doesn't mind bikes.

20 hours ago

My favorite hike ever! An absolute MUST for anyone who enjoys hiking and waterfalls.

We only went up to Ponytail Falls on this trail, since it was the last of a series we hit up in the Columbia River Gorge. But Ponytails in itself is a gorgeous waterfall. You can actually go behind it and there's a cave-like area that's great for picnicking.

Awesom views and hike

22 hours ago

If you want to see what Eugene is all about, this is the place to see a full view of the city! It's a challenging hike uphill, but it's a reasonable distance to get to the top. We actually took the long way up and the short way down :)

23 hours ago

Quick, easy, and scenic!

23 hours ago

This is THE place to go when showing someone around Oregon. Multnomah Falls is one of Oregon's top landmarks. But no matter which day of the week you decide to go during the summer, there always seems to be traffic and crowds of people. I always have to plan some cushion time before and after because you just don't know how long it'll take just to get a parking spot.

The hike itself can be quite challenging as its all incline the entire way up. That weeds out a lot of the tourists since you can already see the waterfall at the bridge. I love how there are switchback markers so you know your progress as you make your way to the top.

Honestly, I don't think the top of the hike is scenic enough to pursue the trek. Every time I've taken a visiting friend or family member here, I just take them to the bridge and call it good.

23 hours ago

Do your research and look up directions to Abiqua Falls before you go! I'm sure glad I did or else I probably wouldn't have found it! There's no cell signal so luckily I was already aware that there is a long stretch of unpaved road you have to drive on to get there. If I could do this all over again, I would take an SUV or a high-clearance vehicle that could make it all the way to the parking lot by the trailhead. I parked at least 1-2 miles away from the trailhead because there were too many giant holes in the road and I didn't want to risk damaging the frame of my Impreza. I wasted a lot of time walking from my car to and from the trailhead.

I wouldn't take children on this trail unless they're up for super challenging terrain! It gets steep and rugged during the majority of the trail. There's some parts I definitely wouldn't have made it over if it wasn't for the ropes that were there. I can't tell you how many times I asked myself if I was going the wrong way as I neared the waterfall. But luckily, I ran into a couple people coming back that reassured me I was going the right way.

Once you finally make it, it's all worth it! The view is BEAUTIFUL! My pup and I were so fortunate that there was no one here so we got the whole place to ourselves! Definitely a place I would choose for a date or a picnic.

23 hours ago

I made the mistake of hiking this trail starting at 4 p.m. in the afternoon. I felt like for a trail that went 3.1 miles one way, there wasn't much variety in scenery. There also isn't much signage that directs you when the path splits up multiple times on the trail. I took the shortcut, at the recommendation of another hiker since the sun was going down. The shortcut has more challenging terrain. Also I didn't know one you reach the destination, you have to climb down some sketchy rocks to get to the pool. I made the mistake of continuing on the Battle Axe Ck. Trail for a little bit before I figured something was wrong and turned around. This is a hike that's only worth doing earlier in the day and when it's sunnier so you can see the crystal clarity of the water.

Jawbone Flats is a neat little town to travel through on the way back. That's one thing I'm glad I did. I definitely advise taking the shortcut to Opal Pool and then going around and taking the other path back through Jawbone.

1 day ago

One of my favorites! If you want a serious challenge, try running it

Top notch, literally. More then worth the walk/hike/climb. Difficulty increases from beginning to end

Nice hike if you just wanna get the blood flowin'. It's definitely kid and pet friendly but the view at the summit isn't that great. Overall a good little hike though!

trail running
1 day ago

I ran around the entire lake - about 14.8 miles total. I did lose the track a few times, so maybe you could do it in 14.3 lol ... Some areas don't have signs, you also have to go on the street a few times, however, I did like how diverse the terrain is, meadows, trails, creek crossing and a large log to cross. Had a lot of fun! You get to see some awesome views of the lake a various vantage points. God is an amazing creator!!

Hike is just as it is listed. Went with my two dogs on leash and it was a beautiful hour plus spent on a good Oregon trail.

Beautiful view, lots and lots and lots of people. But, you can't blame them. If you just go to the bridge it's hardly a hike at all. Past the bridge to the top of the falls it gets a little steep and slick, but I made it up and back in less than an hour.

Busy trail, but gorgeous. I assume mid-summer is more fun because you can swim to the punchbowl. Nevertheless, easy walk, amazing scenery, I'll be back for sure.
Careful on slick sections-- thankful for the cables in the rock

I'm so fat I almost died halfway up.