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Nice easy trail. Was well marked and had an easy to follow path.

Love this hike. Real easy, great scenery.

Love this hike. Real easy, great scenery.

Awesome hike! we backpacked in and camped the first night and completed the rest of the trail the next day. This trail is definitely challenging, even before you get to the skyline trailhead. But it's nothing that can't be done! and it is well worth it. There are some amazing views along the way and plenty of decent water crossings to pump water if you need to. It's a great opportunity to get away, it was very quiet in most parts and we saw some wildlife including a white tail deer that came through our campsite early in the morning.

road biking
2 days ago

great trail for biking except in some areas you have to watch out for cars.

Great paved trail for running or walking. I take my dog there a lot. it is well lit at night at the stretch near covell Rd. It is hilly though in some areas. The park nearby has frisbee golf and a nearby pond for fishing.

I was there the last weekend in October. Started at Cedar Lake, went on western section of Horsethief Spring Trail, connected with Oauchita Trail, back onto eastern section of Horsethief Spring Trail, then back to Cedar Lake. I chose to follow the "scenic route" up Snake Mountain on the western section. Very overgrown and lost the trail for a bit. After finding it, however, it was very scenic! A few other short stretches along the western section where the grass and bushes were overgrown on the trail, but was still able to follow the trail. When people say "bring water" they mean it. The only water source was the Horsethief Spring, which is a trickle. Saw that some people stashed jugs of water near the Horsethief Spring parking lot.

Nice trail great for a quick hike or a short one. Have seen deer and enjoyed watching the leaves change as the season changed.

I hiked with my dog. it costs $2 or $3 to day hike depending on time of year. park by the lake office for easy access to trail. there are 2 trails....a red trail and a blue trail. they are easy trails but are very sandy in some spots. beware of mountain bikers! they ride fast on this trail cause it is flat and easy. the trail has lots of twists and turns. saw lots if birds and squirrels. pretty good trail for me cause it is close to my house. I am planning to start trail running....perfect starter trail for that.

excellent place to train on hills for a half Marathon. I love walking my dog here also. he loves it!

6 days ago

This place is really nice and it's just outside of Norman on the east side of Lake Thunderbird.
The trails have been clear of all debris every time I have hiked here. The trails are very easy to follow and laid out really nicely. Some are kind of challenging and others not so much. What I love most is that there is several different trails to hike and so each visit can be a completely different adventure. If you live in Norman and want a nice walk in the woods near home please check them out.

A great trail, but not long enough. Occasionally rocky with a few steep parts, but overall, not all that difficult. The view from the top is terrific. I saw a coyote, a Longhorn steer, several deer and a multitude of birds along the way. I took a side hike over to 'Covered Wagon Rock' but still found myself wanting more.

6 days ago

Very pretty trial, started at the bottom and worked out way up to meet with the Bison trail. 40 foot hole in the middle is the highlight. But there were also tons of bison at the end near the dam.

Good over all trail, not too challenging of a hike. Once you get past the first area with the rocky stairs it does get a little easy to get off trail. But great view once you make it to the top.

Not a bad Trail!

followed the creek for about a mile. just a simple walk. more of a place to sit and swim. has a natural water slide which is fun.

I haven't done that whole trail only a piece.

8 days ago

Great trails, easy to moderate. I have lived within an hour of these trails most of my life and had never been until Saturday after Thanksgiving. The Bromide trail and the Bison trail are both well maintained and very scenic. We made about a 3 mile loop, going to the top of Bromide hill, then looping around the Bison trail. We all like to go hike different places, but don't forget those that are close to home as they may be a great hike. The trails are well marked and there are plenty of places to stop and rest, stick your feet in the water, or climb a few rocks.