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Best Trails in Oklahoma

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on Elk Mountain Trail
1 day ago


Nice hike with heavy traffic during our late summer trip. More people on this trail than I care to see. We began from the Sunset picnic area (near range headquarters). With my 10 yr old, took an hour to summit, spent about an hour messing around up top and a half hour coming down.
Next trip we will enter from the back side and go through the Vally of Boulders (which should make the adventure even better)

on Elk Mountain Trail
1 day ago

Awesome trail, not too far but a good climb right around 600 feet ascend/descend with the summit being about 2200 ft alt. Great workout for us and our dog, with awesome scenic views and I proposed at the summit!

on Kite Trail
2 days ago

Fun, easy trail. As you near 40 foot hole there are plenty of opportunities to lose the trail - since there are a lot of side trail/branches. However, all of these lead back to the main, or down to the water. Ended up spending 90 minutes exploring the water with The Kid and discovering a few boulders that could be fallen Titans. Worked our way down the creek/falls until forced to swim or scramble back up. (We went up.) We had to build our obligatory cairn along the way.

on Turner Falls Park Hiking ...
2 days ago


We had a fun day and went off of the beaten path through the brush and the woods ending up near camping sites and the stream which we hiked until the water fall then hiked up rocks and went into a cave. The castle was nice too and we did a circle around the swimming holes back to our car. We met many friendly families along the way! It had a lot to offer. We were sad to see so much litter everywhere and broken glass! We saw wildlife tracks but no wildlife or many insects either If we go again I'll take trash bags and pick up litter as we go along. All in all a fun adventure!

on Chickasaw NRA- Buffalo & ...
3 days ago

We really enjoyed this hike. Beautiful scenery and water.

on psu
3 days ago

THERE IS NO SUCH TRAIL HERE. Not sure why it's listed, but we drove 10 miles up here and there is NO TRAIL HERE.

on Beaver Lodge Nature Trail
4 days ago


This trail had me very confused. The original map and description on this app is not Beaver's Lodge Trail. Google maps actually has markers for both trailhead locations that match the map given out by the state park. Needless to say, neither one of those locations led me to a trail.
I followed Spillway Rd. to what was suppose to be a trailhead. No markers or any kind of signs that a trail is present there. Hopped through some river boulders and made it to what looked more like a fisherman's trail (followed someone else's recording from here). NOT easy level. Sketchy path, close to river edge, some parts had me pretty nervous since I was with a three year old. Had to turn around.
Tried the second trailhead (marked on Google maps and park map), didn't see a trail at all.

So this review might be based on me getting lost but I really don't think so. This trail is listed in an article for the top 10 best trails in Oklahoma and it's the only one out of the 6 I've completed that had me truly dissapointed.

on Lake McMurty West Side Tr...
6 days ago


Nice trails through woods and meadows. Wildlife can often be seen. This particular trip we saw a deer, 2 armadillos, numerous lizards, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, only 1 tick, and 0 snakes. Still has some wildflowers which would most likely be plentiful earlier in the season.
It is a shared trail with mountain bikes but, the few we came across (4 or 5) were very courteous & friendly and the trail is in great shape for hiking.

on Alabaster Cave tour
8 days ago


it was fun. We enjoyed the names of the rock formations. They let us go off the trail for a very short detour.

on Buffalo Trail
8 days ago


on Spiro Mounds: Fort Smith ...
9 days ago

scenic driving

A Nice drive in the spring and fall

on Tulsa River Parks
10 days ago

road biking

Love this trail along the river. Lots to see! Can be very crowded on the weekends, which can make it hard to ride at times, but its a nice city trail.

on Keystone Lake Walking Tra...
11 days ago


This was an easy loop we took the kids on. It was really fun and simple for a family with young kids.

on Little Baldy Trail
12 days ago


We went last weekend and it was a perfect trail and the scenery was beautiful! We didn't see any wildlife but the views were amazing.
We also hiked Burford Trail in this same general area on another day and it was great! Saw a lot of wildlife activity and a cool lizard. You can see the dam once you get to the top and there is an Old Mine site too. It was a scenic trail.

on Mount Scott Scenic Drive ...
12 days ago


Beautiful and it never gets old. Thrilling every time we go!