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trail locations for Oklahoma

I did this almost 15 years ago and for being really young (10) it was quite difficult. Today I don't think it would be very hard. The trail is quite long and the climb to the top of the mesa was somewhat hard. The views were good and the satisfaction of being at the highest point in the state was great too. Watch out for cactus!

Great views of the canyon.

Great trail in the middle of Norman. It was a good getaway when I was in college. There are often lots of hikers and bikers on the trail. Not a whole lot to see but is a fun way to escape the city without actually leaving.

20 hours ago

nature trips
1 day ago

beautiful as always! today we spotted a deer running, a crane fishing and turtles treading water

Great trail, could be marked better.

Such a beautiful place!! It was nice to escape from reality for a bit! I'll definitely have to go again! It's perfect if you're looking for a more woodsy feel.

Beautiful wooded hike. Very enjoyable!!!

mountain biking
2 days ago

Always have a great time riding this trail!

3 days ago

It was really nice! Probably not taking the 3 hour drive again definitely not worth the drive. But if your around the area why not stop and check it out!

Wish the water fall had more water, maybe I just went in expecting more from the falls like the pictures...

We couldn't find the trailhead or any markers. (And we weren't the only ones. We ran into another couple who had finally given up.) We followed what appeared to be a fisherman's trail along the river. It was not easy, but the scenery was nice. We had our four-legged babies with us, so we didn't venture too far (about 0.5 miles in and back) because it gets very steep in certain places. There has been a lot of flooding in these parts over the past year, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but even the trail marked on here is not the actual trail. It may be worth asking a ranger before heading out or a local- neither of which we did and I kind of regret now. We only had enough time to squeeze in one hike and I feel like we picked the wrong one...

5 days ago