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trail locations for Oklahoma

Very easy trail, lots of variety of plants to look at and occasionally run in with snakes. Overall a pretty good hike for friends wanting to get away from the city for a few hours.

I would have been a lovely hike but was so over ran with sticker bushes my dog couldn't even stand it. You stopped every 10 minutes to pull out bush full of stickers. If you're just hiking without pet and with jeans and boots you'll be fine and it's a gear work out

3 days ago

Found the start of the path but lost it several times because of overgrown grass and poor trail markers. Ended up in a circle and headed back. May try again at a later date.

we weren't able to go very far, at the beginning of the trail we were attacked by hornets that chased us to our car.

I really liked this trail. we were able to do it with a jogger stroller for our toddler. it has lots of elevation changes. we saw some wildlife too

it was a good trail, we did the shorter one because it was raining.

using west side of trail to mary's cove was fun. well marked and very few trees or debris. cutting across to east side of lower trail was difficult due to many downed trees and inadequately marked trail. finally got to west side of lower trail only to find many trees down and once again very poor blazed trail due to many trees down. we ended up backtracking the trail and leaving by the west trail because we were unable to safely proceed down the east side of the lower trail called the park and ask if anyone had walked the trail after the severe storms we had several months ago and was informed that no one had hiked the trail after the wind storms. just seems like it wouldn't cost much to have someone hike the trail after storms and assess damage done to trails in hopes that the trails were safe for all levels of hikers i am not trying to be critical of the hard working people that help all of us to enjoy our state parks but there was alot of damage done to the lower part of this trail by oklahoma storms.. hard job and probably not alot of money. just please get the blazes and the trail looked at after storms?? some people do this trail as their first attempt at backpacking and it isn't an easy trail to follow at this time.

The trail was fairly well-marked and easy to follow from trailhead to the Mary's Cove primitive campground on the west side of the south loop, albeit due to a well-trodden path. Campers I met at Mary's Cove campground mentioned that doing the north loop at this time would be very difficult due to fallen trees that had still not been cleaned up. Plus, it was getting late, so I opted for the cut-through and back down the east side of the south loop. This too proved very challenging, because many trees were down and appeared to have been down for over a year. I ended up getting lost (again due to downed trees and rare markers) but was lucky to find the #11 mile marker, where the east part of the loop restarts. From there I proceeded south, getting lost again even before #12 mile marker. I ended up venturing back west and rejoined the west branch of the south loop. and simply retraced my steps. I would rate the trail itself as "easy" but only 2 stars for the poor signage, multiple downed trees, and overgrown areas. I certainly expected better from a state park where the trail claims to be maintained by the "Oklahoma Ankle Express". There's nothing express about the clean-up and maintenance of this trail. On the positive, I managed to get in a great cardio workout going 12 miles in total (per my Samsung Gear Fit 2). Especially due to the areas overgrown with tall grasses, I would recommend long hiking pants with good hiking boots and tick repellent.

Very quiet. I would usually walk before noon and there were only a few others there, and you never really saw them aside from in the parking lot. Great views and many trails.

Hike was great. We ended up walking around a few other trails but not to full completion. Views are beautiful. This was my first hike outside of my own town.

nice trail, pretty views, moderate course. As with any trip to the woods in Oklahoma Bring DEET. My first hike with this app, it worked great when a fork in the trail was unmarked....definitely saved me some miles. we will be back with the dogs (& some vector tick repellent)

mountain biking
11 days ago

We walked this trail over the weekend with the dogs, 1 mile paved loop, nice scenery, maintained very well and marked every .25 miles. I noticed they also had a biking trail, so I tried that out today. I was pleasantly surprised! I expected the trail to be very easy but there were some enjoyable tricky spots. It's a 4 mile loop that is marked pretty well. Pay attention to the caution signs on the trail because those indicate some of the more challenging obstacles. Best bike trail I have found in the OKC area.

mountain biking
11 days ago

The trails are not really suited for mountain biking. They need some grooming. Trails are good for hiking though.

So, I started on the south side entrance. It is extremely easy to find and easy to follow the trails. But if you want a more challenging and adventurous trip. Get to where the the lane splits and you can either go to the trail or the waterfall and go to the trail. Shortly after the little water basin with the little overflow the trail crosses a creek. After that stay to the right and start climbing. Anything you can do to stay away from the beaten trail. Lots of challenging climbs and descents. Makes you think and plan a route. And if u ever get lost make sure u have your trail app on and it will give you the general idea of where u are. I spent a good 3 hours just walking the rock walls and exploring the rock rooms. Than I took a detour on my way back to the start and hit the waterfall. It's small but still really cool to see. I won't say that I swam in the hole at the base of the waterfall cuz that would be wrong...

Very peaceful and random beautiful place that many don't know of.

Great hike bouldering was challenging but fun. Make sure to take plenty of water or a filter to drink out of the steam. Side hike to post oak water fall is well worth it.

mountain biking
13 days ago

This place does NOT allow any bikes!