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Great park that is open from sunset to sunrise. Lots of different trials. I've walked a total of nine miles one day and still didn't see them all! Lots of wildlife like deer. Rest spots and great areas for stretching.

off road driving
4 months ago

Definitely a challenging trail for the beginner. Lots of inclines and declines. Not for the faint of heart at all. Very wooded trail and you will see wildlife.

Wear your helmet as the park states. There are some hills and parts where a slip could find you tumbling down a hill into a tree or the large rocks that dot that trail. I did not think it was particularly easy at all. However, after just riding on sidewalks and asphalt it was time for a change.

If this trail is classified as easy I need more practice. I am going to continue to hit this trail though until I can ride through without walking up or down any of the hills.

Truly a great aerobic workout. Great to find something like this in Toledo!

great park, very well kept, police patrol present, board walk was great.

mountain biking
1 year ago

since I live just North of this trail and it is pretty flat here....THIS PLACE ROCKS....a little bit for everyone. Challenging but not too hard....

mountain biking
1 year ago

Great trail. Lucky to have this in Toledo.

I hiked about 6 miles here by taking the different connected trails (and some of the side loops). Decent amount of people out, but it was Labor Day. Only took about an 1hr and 45 minutes.

trail running
1 year ago

Many well groomed trails that offer miles and miles of fun for running and walking.

This is a nice Metropark. There's a variety of trails ranging from less than a mile to 3 miles. Good place to take your dog and there's nice open areas and jungle gyms as well. Parking can be difficult on weekends.

The Toledo Metroparks in general are amazing, but Wildwood is probably my favorite. I grew up in Toledo, and my family spent many years going to Wildwood and spending time outside and walking the trails. The boardwalk trails are very cool, and the stream views are gorgeous. It's very quiet, and you totally forget that you're right in the heart of Toledo. Definitely a must-see for any Toledo-bound enthusiasts.

mountain biking
2 years ago

This park also has a nice jump track with easy to advanced jumps. Thank you to everyone who helped build this in Toledo.

mountain biking
3 years ago

Just got into mountain biking. Been on a dirtbike most of my life, so I picked up a 29er hard tail and have been coming here at least 3 times a week. It is a very diverse track that is fun for beginners and advanced riders. Features a couple decent jumps a nice log tabletop, and some nice technical obstacles. I have been having a great time here. And everyone I meet is very friendly.

mountain biking
3 years ago

Fantastic asset to have in an urban environment. What started as a little over 3 miles of singletrack has exponentially grown to over 7. There is a good mix of varying course, in addition to a newly completed jump park. Highly recommended for anyone in the Toledo mountain biking community who doesn't want to drive 2 hours north.

mountain biking
4 years ago

What a nice surprise in the heart of Toledo. Jermain Park MTB trail has a lot to
offer. A nice variety of obstacles of varying difficulty. The trail is well marked
and the harder obstacles have markers and the trail offers bypass loops for
beginners. Lots of wildlife (I saw several deer on my ride). There are some
hill climbs in the form of switchbacks up a hillside. Ottawa Metropark is adjacent to Jermain and has some nice paved biketrails as well. Jermain can
be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. A good trail for groups of riders with different skill levels.

This views is so relaxing!

This is a paved trail that you can access from the Univ. Of Toledo campus or the Wildwood Metropark. Parking is much easier to find in the park. There is a spur off the main park trail that connects to the University trail. Trail runs along RR tracts, power lines, and crosses some busy city streets. A typical metropolitan trail. Moderate use on weekdays, can be crowded on weekends.

4 years ago

The trail itself is a pretty decent walk. Not as scenic as most trails I've experienced..

I agree with the others. In the Spring and Summer it can be busy. It's great in the Fall with all the leaves changing, and a great place to cross country ski or hike in the winter. LOVE IT!!!! Plus there are quite a few trails to choose from.

Nice small local trail. Great either for beginners or testing a new setup. Slight hills with a few semi-technical obstacles that ALL can be avoided. Overall pretty happy with this trail as its local and its decently kept.
UPDATE: Watch for deer :)