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trail locations for Cleveland, Ohio

love it! the large steps are still closed, but the rest of the trail is still accessible. beautiful views.

Had a great time. Combined all the trails and completed the entire North Chagrin Reservation. There were quite a few times when we had to check our map because there are many connector trails that branch off, but it was part of the adventure. Great work-out! Will definitely come back again!

Very nice entrance with the castle!Trails seem like they go on for a while so if you like to hike for a couple hours this is the place for you.

Beautiful trail, my family and I really enjoyed the views as well the the magnificent huge old trees.

A bit confusing. Beautiful views. A bit more crowded than my liking. Castle is fun to explore.

Beautiful trail.

4 months ago

This trail is not moderate, easy as can be. Almost all flat. It's a decent loop around the lake. You'll see a lot of wildlife and hear landscaping equipment at every turn. It's a nice inner city nature retreat though!

Peaceful, quite and relaxing. Great place to to the daily stress off.

Lovely short loop located at Big Creek near Lake Isaac.

I actually like these trails better without the beloved steps! the climb to Fort hill is much more gradual and enjoyable that way. You still get the rad vistas of cedar point and the rocky tiver, too. as others have said, the trails beyond the just the hill have a feeling of being very remote very quickly. don't leave out the mount Pleasant loop either. far less traveled and a real hoot

Good hike. Most of the trail was by the road which isn't the best. Also, pretty busy on a Saturday with lots of dogs. Great for dogs who like to be in the water.

I liked the trail itself but there's so many random branches that lead nowhere or into a field that I was constantly checking my map, kind of took away from enjoying the trail

The trail is in a really enjoyable area. The steps are really steep. It is something around 90 ft from the bottom to the top. This particular trail has heavy traffic, but some of the other trails nearby have a much more remote feel about them.