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trail locations for Ohio
19 hours ago

trail running
21 hours ago

Trail was challenging but very nice on this fall day! Marked well for the most part. Got confusing at times when red emergency signs came up. Follow orange signs & you are good... Recommended to intermediate to advanced trail runners, not for beginners.

1 day ago

The Archer's Fork loop was my first overnight stay. I completed the trek 2016-06.

Look for the trail-head sign. There is a dirt road that heads south which declines from the parking area and is on the west side of the small parking lot. This muddy access road is not the trail head. The trail is on the north side of the graveyard. If you are looking at the main gate at the center of the graveyard, turn left ninety degrees and in about twenty-ish paces you will see the trail head sign. To the right of the sign there will be a metal gate and this path then follows the north side of the graveyard. This is the start of the trail. I will try to upload a photo. I noticed many beautiful flowers here when I visited.

I planned on splitting the loop into two days because I wanted to stop at the cave, the natural bridge and to have some free time for whatever came up since I am a newbie. This turned out to be a very good decision. The elevation changes and switchbacks are many. It certainly can be done in one day but this trail kicked my butt (in a good way).

The trail was marked very well when I went and I had no real trouble navigating. I did have a few maps.

Trail Notes
Water was not an issue when I went. Sometimes the trail was encroached by growth but that was fun. I was glad I wore pants and long sleeves though. I think the trail was busy when I went as I saw about eight separate people/groups. There were a few nice camp spots but they were taken when I arrived (I started late). I was just camping under a tarp so I just setup near a stream as the sun set. I chose to go anti-clock-wise around the loop. There were many rock outcroppings that I wish I had time to explore.

I came from Cleveland and it did take longer than I expected to get from 77 to the trail-head. I wish I lived closer but I do hope can do this trail at least once a year.

1 day ago

great trails. well marked.

Plan to go back and do the entire trail. Really liked it a lot.

Excellent and fun for the younsters.

Was a fun adventurous trail. have to be careful with young children but we we still able to do it. I had my 9 year boy 7 year boy 5 year boy and 2 year old daughter. was slow moving with my daughter but we carefully took our time and handled it.

Beautiful, easy, remote, and spacious.

Outstanding! Beautiful weather and friendly people. Highly recommended.

2 days ago

Plenty to see on and nearby the trail. Plenty for kids of all ages, especially at the nature center at the trail head where you can see wild animals being nursed back to health. Mostly gentle, with a few steep, but short rises in the trail. It's hard to see the namesake glen from the path.

2 days ago

Was a nice trail- little bit overgrown but a good easy trail. Limited hills, so easy on the legs! The available map was a little off- the trail does keep going farther than than what's on the map.

Had a few good views of the lake and some good lead color yesterday!

Great loop.

very cool canyon like trenches

2 days ago