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trail locations for Ohio
mountain biking
1 day ago

always a great ride. love this place

fun great falls. good place to hike for beginners and moderates.

Great trail..you can make the hike as easy or difficult as you would like.

Very peaceful. Beautiful trails. We explored the Manor House and surroundings. Very lovely.

trail running
1 day ago

Took the bridal trail - however there was a spot where the trail forked, if you go to the right you end up running along the stream, eventually the trail ran to the stream with no option to cross so I had to turn around and go to the left side of the fork which led up a very steep incline. Once up the incline the trail was really nice. A lot of dead trees to jump over though. Also the was an area closed that had rerouting directions. Went about 3.5 miles before turning around at another steep incline and heading back for a total of 7 miles.

1 day ago

Took hard gorge trail. Needed more trail markers. Hard for dog because of rocks. Lost trail at one point.

2 days ago

Awesome trail with two very scenic waterfalls. A must hike trail for sure!

trail is 8.0 miles nice mix of hills and flat walking.

The name of the park is "Whitacre Park." There is no "river" to see (closest would be the Little Miami River), and the trail is near Cincinnati, not in Cincinnati. I'm not a fast walker and I finished the trail in 15 minutes. If starting the trail in a counter-clockwise direction from the parking lot, ignore the "TRAIL" sign with the arrow that points to the right. That deadends in a hundred feet or so at someone's property. Go left instead. I would consider this an easy trail vs a moderate trail. I believe it's closer to 3/4 mile instead of a full mile.

Beautiful hike. Multiple waterfalls, a lake, and loops the entire way so you don't have to see the same thing twice.

4 days ago

Saw more deer than people; 1 other hiker and 1 mountain biker. Nice trail for a walk, jog or Intervals with long flat stretches and limited up and down. Long gradual decline and incline in Valley area but other than mostly level with wide compacted trails. A few ponds, nice stands of pines, and some 13 Bridges make for interesting scenery. Several connectors give you some options to add or shorten. Didn't hit Hemlock Point, maybe next time...

Have hiked this trail too many times to count over the years. Great place to take the kids. A bit crowded on the weekends.

5 days ago

Great views of the lake with a well-established trail