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17 hours ago

love this place!

23 hours ago

We were the only ones there on an October Wednesday, unless you count the turkeys. Most of the hike was just OK. Clearly marked, well-maintained trails. Some views. The descent to the falls was pretty challenging. Even in dry conditions, it was slippery. Lots of leaves and loose dirt. Our three legged pup did most of the hike without assistance (he's part billy goat). I had to carry him for one short section. The falls are definitely the highlight of the trip. They're beautiful. We spent an hour just enjoying our private oasis. This was a great way to spend a fall afternoon. Highly recommended.

I'm one that loves to hike strenuous hikes and this hike lived up to my expectations.

The directions to the trail were spot on. The entry to the trail is easy to fine and get started. Be aware that the last mile of the hike is not well maintained and not marked.

The views from the top are worth the time it takes to get to the top.

This place is awesome! My dogs and I hiked it few times. Stay on marked trails!

Hiked in off the Forest Service gravel Road that connects to 183. Very nice wide 1/2 mile trail down to the first section of the falls. This is an easy hike for all ages, lots of huge boulders down near the falls. I think most people access from the Parkway

Very good trails for mainly running or speed walking a little bland if your going just for scenery. I can't get over the old women saying it's creepy and not to go alone lol ain't no one checking out some old single mom dud. This is a risk you take at ANY park.

I did not like this trail mainly because of so many loose rocks.

I am not rating this trail on the hike itself but on what awaits you when you get to the end of the short paved trail. It is just an awesome sight to view this beautiful Gorge from such a vantage point! I will definitely go back and take people with me! I might mention that the 4 mile ride on the dirt/gravel road is pretty tough and hard on your vehicle, just take it easy. There are lots of other wonderful trails of the access road.

Combine this with the Grindstone or Mountain trail for a good day hike. I prefer going counterclockwise on this trail. The
backside is where you will find the climbers and you can always stop and rest and watch them. Great views all around from the backside. There really is a spring that I have used often over the years with no problems. It's on the backside right before the trail heads uphill. I suppose I should say "use at your own risk" but I've never had a problem.

This trail feels much easier if you go clockwise the first 4.1 miles are gradually uphill if you go counterclockwise the first 1.4 miles are steep uphill and therefore may feel harder. It's a beautiful trail.

The best trail in and around Wilmington. It might be short but if you have a good dog, they can run and interact with other dogs and not be near roads. Mosquitoes aren't usually too bad. And the pond is nice to enjoy on both sides.

First, the snakes and birds in the Learning Center were awesome! The best reason to go back. But we originally went to this trail because we hoped it wouldn't be closed post-hurricane. Some of the trails were closed without any posting and no guidance from the office staff. Not really sure if there was much to see, but can't really say either.

good for the family. shouldn't be considered a hike.