trail locations for Winston Salem, North Carolina

I frequently use this greenway for running, walking the dogs, and biking. Its wide enough to accommodate the crowds during fair weather months, and safe for those of us who access it year round no matter the weather or time of day.
The paved, flat path follows a creek and is about 7 miles out and back. It also accesses several neighborhoods if you are looking to add miles and some hills to your workout. Enjoy!

easy little walk great views!

good for an easy walk or jog, paved

4 months ago

very cool place to check out and hike!

paved...good variety of scenery. level. will really be beautiful as various planted trees mature. kudos to city of ws on this one.

trail running
7 months ago

Amazing! Gets little crowded over the weekend. But it's an easy trail for regular jog, dog walking, running.

7 months ago

The park includes a couple trails that mostly follow a creek to a marsh with two boardwalks. It is a great area for birding. You can walk/hike about five miles in all if you follow everything. The park is also the site of the original 18th century Moravian settlement in North Carolina. There are several historical buildings and a community garden.

10 months ago

A wonderful trail/greenway to get away for some exercise or family time while still being close to everything.