trail locations for Morganton, North Carolina
13 hours ago

Very amazing views of the Gorge, however it was incredibly busy. Getting in and out was extremely difficult. We witnessed someone hit a vehicle and not stop. It's a place that I'm glad to have had experienced once, since it's so populated with little trail variation I wouldn't care to go back.

1 day ago

What an amazing hike. Strenuous yet doable. The summit has breathtaking views and is a nice place to hangout for a bit. I will do this again.

This trail is very deceiving. The trail head starts out real level and solid. It then takes a sharp turn down. Loose rocks and roots. The descent is easy. However, what goes down must come up. The hike back up sucks. I couldn't find good hammock camping by the river. Ended up hiking back to the car and camping by table rock.

Table Rock offers a sweeping view of the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area. Great trail with some technical aspects and steep inclines. For runners; pay attention to foot placement.

I really enjoyed this hike :) we got lost and went off on a different trail for several minutes but figured it out pretty quick when the trail kept going down instead of up :) I wish the hike had been a bit more challenging but the views at the top were breathtaking! Definitely will do it again!

12 days ago

Short hike for amazing views. The last 100 yds has some spots that you will want to keep the kids from playing on the trail. But all in all a safe hike. The top is surrounded by amazing views. Table rock is an easy mountain top to recognize when driving around Morganton, NC.

Really beautiful up there ...

Easy hike once you eventually find the trailhead. I was able to hike to the summit with a broken arm (casted) if that tells you the level of difficulty. Stunning views.

Not an easy hike but not too strenuous. The climb back up to table rock parking lot from shortoff is very steep. Great views of sunset and sunrise.

It's a great hike. Kid friendly. Beautiful Views!! If you don't want to drive the 12 miles on the gravel road....keep driving past the Table rock sign to Gingercake acres, you will see signs for it. It will take you right to it without the gravel roads...much faster!!

Very difficult trail but awesome experience. Me and my wife are in very good shape but it was challenging. Waterfalls are really nice.

2 months ago

The dirt road access is 12 miles from the main road,but well maintained. This hike is tough but the views are well worth it.

amazing views, dirt road to access

Beautiful views of the Linville River!

One of my favorites!!!

on Table Rock Trail

3 months ago

3 months ago

For me and my hiking companion (both 59) this was a difficult trail, but quite doable if you take your time both up and back. It is steep, with lots of rock "steps", but the views at the top are well worth the effort. We had a bit of trouble finding the path on the way down because of the rock scramble at the top. Be sure to note carefully where you come out of the scrub to climb the rock to the summit so that you can find it easily on the way back out. A very nice trail. (NOTE, from NC 181 heading north from Morganton, there is good signage to send you to the Table Rock picnic area. This is the road you should take. We followed GPS directions and took a much longer and more difficult road to the parking area.)