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This trail is very deceiving. The trail head starts out real level and solid. It then takes a sharp turn down. Loose rocks and roots. The descent is easy. However, what goes down must come up. The hike back up sucks. I couldn't find good hammock camping by the river. Ended up hiking back to the car and camping by table rock.

I enjoyed this hike along the creek. It was beautiful and peaceful.

We absolutely love this trail. My husband purposed to me here and we've made a pact to visit annually!

Beautiful trail, visit weekly. Its heavily trafficked but worth it.

My husband and I recently did this hike for the first time and we enjoyed the beautiful view at the overlook. Parts of the trail were closed due to hurricane Matthew but we look forward to returning to see the parts that were closed.

This was our first trip to Big Creek.The trail is wide and in good shape, there are quite a few rocks on the trail and a few roots, as a matter of fact it should be called a rocky trail. You hike near the creek most of the way and there are many huge boulders along the way, lots of Rhododendron too!You have to be careful where you step because there was horse manure all along the trail.I was told that this used to be a railroad bed that went out to the sawmill at Crestmont. We did not see any signs of old structures along the way, would have been interesting to know where all the people used to live..hard to imagine because of the vast number of boulders and rock along the way. The midnite hole was very pretty but we did not go swimming. The waterfalls (Mouse Creek) was a little unspectacular but probably because of the lack of rain in the region.The hike to the falls was a gradual uphill all the way so the return was downhill on the way back. Overall a very nice and interesting hike. Also the restrooms at the parking lot were very clean and weren't pits!

We hiked up to the Devil's Courthouse this morning. Unusual trail because it is paved almost the entire distance. It is quite a pull but it's only for about 1/2 mile to the top so it is bearable. Great views from the top in every direction!

We hiked Frying Pan this morning. Basically you are hiking an old gravel road for about 3/4th mile uphill. There was not much to see on the way up except for the beautiful fall colors on the trees along the way. When you reach the summit there is a big TV transmission tower and a fire observation tower. You can climb the steps to the observation tower. It was a little breezy but the 360 views were quite awesome especially due to the vivid fall colors!

road biking
2 days ago

I am fortunate to live near the entrance to the American Tobacco Trail that is at the 7 mile marker so it is about a 15-mile round trip whether I go north to downtown Durham or south into Chatham county.

The northern section of the trail from downtown to the I-40 bridge is more urban and has roughly 10-11 street crossings which makes for unwanted stops for cyclists.

The southern section from the I-40 bridge at SouthPointe mall to New Hope Church Rd in Morrisville/Chatham is more woodsy. It's a great ride with about 4-5 crossings and at least three areas with water/restroom facilities.

Timber steps and trail down to several viewing areas fenced off from the falls for safety. Several forks unmarked - all basically follow the creek.

great views and easy to find

2 days ago

Absolutely stunning views!

on Deep Creek Loop Trail

2 days ago

beautiful!! really great pics where Indian Creek joins Deep creek.

scenic driving
2 days ago

A nice day and a nice area. Nothing much was marked so we did the best we could.

mountain biking
2 days ago

Not sure we were suppose to be biking but nobody stopped us. There were many nice side trails we never got to.

scenic driving
2 days ago

We could not find the right starting point either but we followed along by car.

mountain biking
2 days ago

Beautiful day and a nice ride.

Crowder Mountain has a trail for everyone really.
I know the review is for RockTop Loop, but really we hit 3 trails, plus the service road (hardest part), and it was almost 9miles for the day.
We loved it, and honestly we will have to come back for more!
Parking can be an issue - it can fill up fast.
Less than an hour from Charlotte makes it a great location.

So close to Charlotte, and what a great escape!
We took a mid-day hike, and the weather was outstanding.
Alltrails has this as a 3.5, but it is really 6.2 if you include the campground extension.

Really was a great hike, and aside from the length, it would be awesome for kids too.

There is a short cut, and that might be where the 3.5miles comes in.

We started out backwards - everyone in the lot when we started was dropping in at the map/sign, we cut across the street, and took it in a clockwise direction.