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Hiked. I found it to be very difficult. There is supposed to have been an intersecting trail so I could get back. I never found it. I will hike it again.

The park itself is really pretty! The waterfall and hike is small. We like something more adventurous but this would be great for others or maybe even younger ones!

11 hours ago

This is a great trail! Definitely not easy but great if you love a challenge and the feeling of being away from everything. We didn't see anyone else which was nice. There were a few fallen trees that we had to climb over and through. The path is very narrow so wear good shoes or boots!

This trail was short and sweet! Our 4 year old handled the hike well. The views at the top were fantastic! The trailhead could be marked a little better but overall fairly easy to get to.

This trail was next to my staying hotel during my recent trip to Raleigh, NC. On one evening I decided to take a walk. I did not walk thru the full length because it was getting dark nevertheless it still was a pleasant walk despite it was so closed the freeway.

trail running
1 day ago

Nice 5k run. Just enough roots, rocks, and rolling hills to make it interesting, but not enough to force a slow pace. Love the quartz outcrops.

Would give it 5 stars if it was a few miles longer.

Did the walk up durning the last week of November, place was crowded to say the least bit had a wonderful time. Glad we were able to make the road closure deadline of December 1.

Absolutely my favorite place to hike!
There are plenty of trails to explore here. I do recommend bringing some trail markers, because not all the trails are marked and it is sometimes difficult to find the way back.

I'm on the north side of the trail, and u hear the south side is better. it's still beautifu, great for walking, and lots of people. I get uneasy in some parts though.

Great hike. Need navigation for the way down. One pretty serious river crossing ...and this at low water level!

Expected more from a state park, it's extremely boring and long. Walking in the woods is NOT hiking. I started running half way to get it over with....Bikers are everywhere and are inconsiderate on the trails. A park to fool people from the queen city that think they are "adventurist."

Great trail if your at the retirement home or the dog pound you're at the wrong junction. It's 2.8 miles from end to end total. I go running on it weekly I've seen deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds, foxes, centipedes cats and dogs lol. They only issue as noted before is they made it along a sewerage line which can get quite smelly sometimes.

Loved it! Perfect length and gorgeous view!

This is a great trail for walking, hiking or running. There is plenty of free parking and it is just off of Highway 17 N.
It is fee free and was dedicated by a great family at the request of their beautiful Daughter. She wanted to share and preserve nature for all to enjoy. We just wanted to say thank you to a wonderful and selfless family. We love Abbey Nature Preserve. Especially the beautiful bridge over the lake and all the benches along the way. We also love the swing, stone wheels and bird houses.
Traci and Mike