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Nice easy hike that meanders through the forest. Saw a few deer.

Beautiful trail, we started on the “gorge trail” which has 8 bridges that cross the dry creek. We did some creek walk but that was to get better pictures. Then we planned to go to the dam, but we never made it unless we just did not find it. We did not take the “north rim trail” back due to us looking for the dam and us ended up on the snowmobile trail to lope back. In total, it was a 5 miles loop around.

9 hours ago

its a great trail that parallels the John's Brook trail leading to Johns Brook Lodge and DEC outpost. However, the DEC has officially abandoned this trail due to storm damage along its most westerly approach along the Johns Brook. The trail is dangerous with acute drop offs and ledges making it nearly impossible. The more easterly trail is okay but not in used due to the potential hazards. In order to enjoy this trail you MUST stay on the easterly side path when you come to the y-intersection where the the trail divides in two. the trail along the river at this point is impassable and abandoned. In addition you must cross the trail at the first Johns Brook crossing after leaving the Garden. The posted trailhead is no longer accessible due to private ownership.

I started this trail from Rooster Comb off of Rt 73 in Keene Valley via the Great Trail ridge. It is a longer hike than the Wedge but offers better views from Rooster comb summit which is 2.5 miles from the Trailhead. I ascended Lower Wolfjaw from Hedgehog and upon reaching the Wolf's chin 0.5 miles from the LWJ summit you get awesome views across Johns Brook valley of the Brothers and Big Slide. The trail descends ~ 1000 feet into the notch where the Great Trail meets up with the St. Hubert's wedge trail and Wolfjaw Brook trails (which head over to John's Brook Lodge). The climb to Upper Wolfjaw is extremely steep and offers a false summit at 4085 feet, marked with a huge erratic at its summit. The actual UWJ summit is another 0.5 mile climb and marked with a trailhead sign 20 yards from its rocky ledge summit. The UWJ summit offers some pretty amazing NE to NW panoramic views. The overall hike is ~ 6.4 miles from the Rooster Comb trail. The return home is an out/back along the same trail for a total of 12.8 miles, or a loop trail to the Garden via the Wolfjaw Brook trail and the Johns Brook Lodge Trail for a total of 14.6 miles if you prefer the option of camping or staying in any of the Lean-to areas on your way through Johns Brook. It makes for a long day...but the views are incredible...well worth the hike!

12 hours ago

Marble Mountain is definitely the toughest part if you start from the ASRC, as it gets very steep very fast. The top of Whiteface also involves a bit of scrambling, but nothing too technical. The views from Whiteface were great, but the top was covered with people who had driven up. I recommend taking the elevator down to the parking lot and cafe, as walking through the tunnel is a pretty cool experience (and the hot chocolate you can buy at the cafe is well deserved). We hit Esther on the way back. It took about 40 minutes to get over there and there's no view, so be prepared to hate that mountain. Worth grabbing the extra 46er though. We did a total of 13.5 miles over 8 hours (including a couple breaks and exploring the top), so be prepared for a long day.

Two wooded summits. I suggest attempting later than May as the water level of the creek crossing can still be high. 3 stars for the wooded summit. Id suggest only if your going for the 46 or your down on a long weekend and dont want to brave the crazy crowds that is phelps and cascade

18 hours ago

22 hours ago

Trails are suitable for almost anyone but I found the trails to be rather confusing. There's a number of junctures that you can get easily lost at. That being said. It was fun and you can see a lot of wildlife: deer, turtles, ducks, chipmunks, rabbits and squirrels galore. I think I may have seen a beaver but... it ran away! :(

Steep incline even for someone in "moderate" shape. It's great cardio. Views are so worth the sweat.

trail running
1 day ago

Beautiful piece of the Appalachian Trail with loop around Nuclear Lake. Start from Rte.55 and follow white blazes of AT to the lake, then follow yellow trail to loop back.

Really like this trial ! Such nice & clear day, I saw Manhattan from the top of mountain. There are great view and so many interesting spots. I will go back again.

1 day ago

The trail is clearly marked and easy to follow. I spent the weekend with my dogs hiking around the lake and camping nearby. The hike provides gorgeous lake views, ideal hiking scenery, and a quiet escape from the city.