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trail locations for Rochester, New York
13 days ago

14 days ago

it was okay. low rating because I couldn't bring my dog with me. for kids, this is the perfect little outing.

Walked the trail on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, and parking was limited. Otherwise, the creek and waterfalls were nice features to an easy trail.

26 days ago

Wilderness in the city! You can get waterfront access to the base of the lower falls via the fishing access trail, then take the seth green trail to woods, completely wild seth green island and an expanse of river rocks that makes you feel like you're out west. If you live in the city, it's a pretty great experience.

So much beautiful wildlife. Lots of turtles, ducks, hawks, and a swan couple

The trail itself is really cool for being located in downtown Rochester. But it's also located in downtown Rochester, so if you're trying to have a true wilderness experience, I wouldn't get your hopes up. That being said, still an awesome trail! The cave is the best part.

just did the orange trails around both ponds. one cuts through a golf course which make sure your quiet if someone is hitting the ball and watch out for flying golf balls. saw a lot of wildlife including deer, beavers, raccoons. trails are fairly easy and quick, about 45 minutes, but makes for a good walk

nice trail, waterfalls add a nice touch and playing on a hot day. great for dogs as well. a little up and down which made it a nice workout as well.

We did the trout lake trail (red trail) and it was pretty good. it was a quick 45 minute hike. relatively easy terrain. there werent any steep hills. water in lake was full of algae.

good Saturday morning adventure

I brought my pup and she had fun. It was a really nice place and not too confusing. It was a little buggy but not bad if you keep moving. I'd come again!

love to take my dog on weeknights. it's a nice walk and he enjoys a brief swim in the creek.

this trail is easy to walk and is easy to follow. I recommend to anyone who has an hour to spare

Wide, flat, paved path takes you down to a wooden plank boardwalk that is over a portion of the the river. Some waterfowl, broad winged Hawks, Mute Swans, red winged blackbirds, a belted king fisher, and a few different gull species. Absolutely family friendly but it's one way in and the same way out. If you hike 4 miles in, you have to hike 4 miles out. No loop!

First half was relatively mundane. Good family trail. Another trail starts downstream from the waterfall and that was much better. Still had wide trails. Opened up with large shrubby area with some large cottonwoods and black willows. Great bird watching. Red-headed woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals, catbirds.