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trail locations for New York, New York
6 hours ago

nice easy walk. hangout spot as well. some art to check out too.

1 month ago

A nice urban hike. This is a repurposed, elevated freight train bridge that used to run on the west side of Manhattan. Offers nice views of the Hudson River and the New York skyline. Lined with trees and vegetation. It can get crowded on weekends.

Great area to walk and enjoy the sights of the City.

The financial district or FIDI, is a nice walk, especially during lunch. You can grab a nice blend/smoothie on the way as well.

Nice ride and ties in with Riverside to Battery Park trail on bikes or hiking.

We picked a day when there was a festival so it was difficult to navigate but once in the park an enjoyable ride.

You are sure to walk more miles than you planned for! Endless walking paths and sights to see.

3 months ago

Great park for birding, especially during spring warbler migration.

The very North of the Park still all woods except the Park's end at 110th. The North Wood's house the Box House an old fort. You take actual wooded trails through it. A couple spots allow for serious rock climbing. The North Woods encompass the area between 105th and 110th Streets on the Western half of the Park. The area should be avoided at night.

Relaxing, fun and a great hike up close to the Hudson.

Not very impressive

4 months ago

Fun area of Brooklyn

Good trail. Suggest that you expand and take the bridle trail all the way around the park. It's about 6 miles and a great run.

When you like to hike, you take what the city gives you. Great place to hike (walk) and explore.