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Interesting day! There were a LOT of people hiking that day (the lot was full and so was the street) and I got discouraged because I really prefer a quiet hike... Lots of trash and graffiti (?!) on the trail too.... I sought to do the loop in hopes of being on the trail with fewer people. DO NOT follow the loop on AllTrails. There is a way to make a loop which includes lambs hill and is a much longer route with the blue trail (get a map at the trail head). This site's loop includes an unmarked old trail which goes along a riverbed. There are good reasons to shut a trail down or reroute and it damages wildlife to mess with that
That said, the loop I did took me on the white trail where I saw a lovely waterfall or two.
The stairs make you feel like you're cheating.... The hike really starts .6 mi in.
Don't stop at N Beacon, the fire tower is not hard to get to from there and the views are MUCH better. Like, gorgeous.
Not terribly challenging and the casino trail is easy to follow. Good for new-intermediate hikers!

8 days ago

Stunning view!! Be prepared for some (okay, maybe more than some)scrambling to begin with but it's worthy for the view. What a great workout. Love this hike!

I've already written a review but forgot to mention-- this does not have to be such a long trek, OR out and back!!! Take the white BnR trail up, turn left at the red blazed Breakneck Bypass, then make another left at the yellow blazed Wilkerson memorial trail. This shortens the hike to around 3 miles, you make it to the top of the 3rd plateau with amazing views, and while you don't get the fire tower, you cut your ups and downs in half. Also, if you go back down the white blazed scramble you're crazy. Just keep going up until the red blazes.

Great trail

21 days ago

Well the trail was very rockie and steep, I found it to be a bit difficult to the wheel house which is a bit past the half way point, I didn't get to the tower this time but I'll try when it's a bit cooler. Nice view, but I couldn't find the monument for the daughters of the American revolution (DAR).

challenging but so much fun!

Beautiful!! This hike had been on my list for a very long time and it did not disappoint. Exceedingly fun challenge on the scramble up the BnR trail (first mile is the hardest), spectacular panoramic views from all four plateaus on the trail. Don't underestimate this trail, though! I wouldn't recommend a hike any time within a few days of rain, as the trail is extremely eroded and dusty and rocky, and would be super duper dangerous if wet. Luckily, today was the perfect day! Dry, a little cloudy (that exposed summit is very sunny), and since it's the day after Labor Day there was NOBODY THERE this morning!! We only saw one other set of hikers, who said they came yesterday and turned around because it was so crowded.
Pros: getting dirty! rock scramble for daaaays, amazing views, feeling of accomplishment
Cons: dusty, slippery and steep descent due to erosion (from overpopularity), lots of trash on the trail :(
Either way, you'll find me there again!!

Fun, but crowded.

Nice and challenging trail for my 1st official hike on all trails!

Very challenging hike. Almost the whole first mile is scrambling up rocks on your hands and feet- quick increase in elevation over a short distance. It was really fun! Sweaty and strenuous, but great workout and even better views. Make sure you have proper foot attire and be careful! It took us about 3 hours to do the loop back down to 9D, with lots of breaks and photo-ops.

29 days ago

Amazing hike. Dangerous if not careful. Nice views from the top.

29 days ago

This was a great hike. It is very intense, lots of crawling up and down rocks. I had to take a couple breaks. It is very strenuous and tiring. I was very thankful my friend and I had cloud cover and a light drizzle of rain even though I was soaked in sweat. The views are definitely worth the effort.

Lots of loose rocks made the hike a little more difficult for my newbie family, but it was all worth it once we reached the spectacular views.

1 month ago

A great workout on the way up with great views up top. The way back down provides some recovery (aka cool down) time.

rock climbing
1 month ago