trail locations for Beacon, New York
4 days ago

It was a really nice trail, steep at times but definitely worth it. Make sure to wear proper clothing and footwear because there are rocks you can slip on. I wouldn't recommend bringing children since the trail is a bit challenging. Overall it was an amazing experience

Good, challenging hike for beginner-intermediate hikers. The Fire Tower view was amazing.

Yellow trail is where it's seriously, amazing trail that has seriously awesome boulders, climbs, tiny trails, summits, a cool adventure. But also it's like a choose your own adventure - although it's clearly marked it's not exactly linear so it's easy to get lost if you're not following along someone else's guided path. I even hit a yellow dead end at one point. Decent views tho all around.

9 days ago

Fun hike, you can get here from the Breakneck trail which ends up being a pretty long hike in total. Nice views from the top of the firetower.

9 days ago

Really fun hike with great scrambling. To make it more challenging after the initial climb to the top, keep going and follow the trails back through the forest.

Biggest downside is the popularity and amount of people doing this hike.

This was a LOT harder than a moderate hike and definitely MORE than 9 miles, NOT 5.5. First time AllTrails steered me wrong.
Still, despite the misleading listing on this website, the hike still turned out to be pretty amazing. Lots of overlooks to make the strenuous hike worth it.

Legendary Hike. The best in the Hudson Highlands. If you enjoy scrambling this is the place to go. The views are unbeatable. Would not recommend for beginners.

1,000 foot ascent in the first mile. Scramble is almost vertical at times. Very fulfilling, good work out.

17 days ago

The first mile is tricky. Starts off with a nice park like walk and then some metal stairs before hitting the trail. After the first turn it gets very steep, rocky, and slippery. Once you get to the wheel house it is a much more relaxing hike until right near the former tower. The view from the tower is amazing! This was the first hike for my family; 9 and 7 year old boys and my wife. It is definitely not easy for a beginner but they were troopers. We went early (around 9am) and it was very peaceful. By the time we were heading back it was very crowded with people going up. Saw some deer and chipmunks but asides from that, not much to see until you get to the wheel house and then the tower.