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Nice short hike to the top. Views from the fire tower are spectacular!

did this hike December 1st 2016. The view from Giant ledge was absolutely amazing. The view from Panther mountain was OK but the ledge is small and there were trees cleared to provide a better view. I think a little more trees need to be cleared for a better view. My girlfriend and I completed the entire hike in 4.5 hours but we took it easy. Overall it's not a difficult hike. The ascent in the beginning was the hardest part and the rest was pretty easy. The trail was very muddy but it wasn't a big deal. If I do it again I'll just go as far as the Giant Ledge which was well worth the hike.

Walked this trail with my husband, our nephew and his kids. His 3 year old son was able to navigate the trails with us with no problem. His 1 year old also walked with us but ended up riding in a backpack most of the way. Good walk, not too strenuous. Loved the stream and waterfalls. The tunnel was nice too. Would hike here again.

Very good trail

mountain biking
1 day ago

nice ride and great views..

From Giant Ledge there are nice views of the surrounding Catskills. I did it on December 1st - a weekday so there were no crowds. I was hoping for a more challenging hike though. Panther is on the easy side of moderate.

A beautiful site but be aware that this location actually closes on November 1 you have no access to the trail ,very disappointing as the app states it is open year-round

mountain biking
2 days ago

Rocky in lots of places making it an enjoyable challenge for mountain biking.

A little hard to find as some of the blazes aren't clearly marked. went on a summer day, so all the trees made it hard to see the Hudson, but lovely slice of nature.

Very nice leisurely paddle when the water is high enough

Beautiful views!

2 days ago

I did a few miles of the trail, parked on Queensboro rd and took the white trail to the yellow trail that lead up to pingpy mountain. I had to turn around when I got to the top because it had rained the night before and between the damp ground and the wet leaves it was extremely dangerous. I will definitely come back in the spring to do it again.

Beautiful, quick 4th of July hike. Heavily trafficked but very easily manageable for anyone in moderately fit shape. If you're looking for something challenging this isn't it, but it's certainly beautiful.

Not bad for on base trails

Great trail for running/walking. Lots of courteous people and well lit.

This was actually my very first time hiking a mountain. My boyfriend is an outdoors guy and I'm getting into these activities now. Let me tell you that it was hard but I did it! I'm terrified of heights (there were only two areas where it was steep and we had to climb rocks) and this was a mental a physical challenge for me but I'm proud to say that I did it. Thanks to my boyfriend's support also! I'm glad I started my first adventure on a trail classified as "hard". This trail is awesome, it's a hard hike, lots of rocks at some points but very rewarding when you get to the top of the mountain. Beautiful view!

easy hike on lower and upper trails.

This was a nice family friendly kind of hike. I did this one with my wife a while back and we really enjoyed it. We started at the trailhead off Pond Hill Road and the PVC pipe instrument that someone had built right there was a nice touch. Cool way to start it off! Views of the lake were nice all around, especially along the western side. The only negative I can mention is that we had a lot of difficulty trying to follow the example track on here once we got to the welcome center at the south end of the lake. Somehow we ended up on a private road for a bit before getting back on the trail on the other side of the lake. Going by other people's recordings, it seems like the best bet is to back track a bit to the overlook spot and turn the other way there.