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trail locations for New York

my 1st trail in ASP. Arrived late in day so no fee.

Entrance is not easy to find. Pick up a map in the store next to the train station. There are three trails. White shows the Appalachian trail. Yellow is a short. Did not do the red trail. The trail was difficult to follow in the fall with all the leaves on the ground. I could not find the entrance by route 22.

11 hours ago

Nice moderate hiking trail

Great winter trail. The frozen falls are gorgeous

My favorite place in NY

16 hours ago

Great hike, description is fairly on point in that it is a lightly moderate hike. Nothing too steep but a good steady climb with a couple of nice relatively flat stretches for a minute or two. We went yesterday and the trail became a little slick with the wet leaves and snow but nothing too crazy. We went with our 8 and 6 year olds. We were up in about 2 hours and down in 48 minutes. Spent about 20 minutes on top. Incredible views and well worth it! Too windy to climb the fire tower so we saved that for next time. I am not sure on the 2.6 miles out and back. That is not accurate, we tracked it at about 2.1 to the summit so more like a 4.2 out and back.

18 hours ago

18 hours ago

We hiked Cascade this past weekend and thought it was a rather challenging little hike. Quite a steep elevation in a short distance. The trail was also very rocky so this did a number on our thighs and knees (particularly on the descent). There were a few areas where you had to rock scramble. It did not help that during our hike it rained, hailed and snowed! We had absolutely no visibility at the top due to the weather and the summit was extremely windy and icy. Our legs were absolutely burning by the time we returned to the car. All in all it was a very nice hike notwithstanding the extreme weather conditions.

Amazing hike. It's on the easier side of moderate.

Very peaceful hike, the blue part was great. There are some very easy parts. The park itself was beautiful.

Beautiful trail but can be slippery in some steep spots. Well marked and easy to follow. One of the top three falls in CNY area.

mountain biking
1 day ago