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trail locations for New Mexico

Very flat and wide enough to accommodate both bikers and walkers. There are 2 trails, one on either side of the river but the wide dirt "lower" trail is trafficked by horses so proceed with caution. Trail says it is not open until 7am but when we showed up the gate wasn't locked.

Very rocky in some locations so hiking poles do help. Moderately trafficked until the second volcano and most people stopped for the peak and then backtracked to the parking lot. Great view of ABQ below around the 2nd peak.

2 days ago

Between the Borrego and the Bear I cannot say is an easy choice but since this trail travels both one need not devour the other. Great trail, very well planned in a relatively small triangle. Enjoyed it immensely.

2 days ago

Started off hiking the Tram way trail. I was feeling great when I came across the La Luz trail. I met a really nice couple who informed me that it was a moderate hike up until the rock slide area. They said if you make it to the rock slide you may as well continue to the top. I agree with everyone the rock slide is the toughest part of the hike. I worked my way to the summit and the views from the top where absolutely breathtaking. This was by far one of the toughest hikes I have ever completed but was completely worth the trek. I was too tired to hike back down and like most I took the tram back down. All the hikers I came across were really nice and encouraging as we made our way to the summit. I will certainly be doing this hike again but not until my body has had a chance to recover.

Great trail with nice views! Pretty steep in a few areas. Great workout! My friend and I are visiting the area and are not experienced hikers. We finished it in about two hours.

2 days ago

North Crest Trail is a very nice hike with a lot of variety. We started just after 8AM and ended by being picked up by a car at the top of the Sandia Crest. 10.3 miles and pretty amazing elevation gain (as the images will show). It took us just over 5 hours.
My friend from Canada near sea level was a trooper. Since I was stopping to take pictures fairly often he led the way and was in several of my shots. Mid September was a good time to hike because it was cool and the leaves were changing.
The trail is fairly well marked and has some really special views of the Sandia range and Albuquerque as well as mountains to the north, west and east. Enjoy!

2 days ago

Moderate to hard for this Florida girl:) Beautiful "tent rock" formations. I've never seen anything like it! Also, & a gorgeous view from the top, if you take the slot canyon hike which goes up rather than the cave hike which is easier & more level. Sit there & take it all in....

We loved it. Great place to both take your time and speak it all in or zip through. Very repeatable.

2 days ago

Bring lots of water!

"Hoax trail"? Um, no. Perhaps the previous reviewer wasn't in the right place. NONE of this trail is on roads, except for where it crosses a street. This is a wide, paved trail through native plants and flowers. Most of it follows the arroyo, adjacent to upscale adobe-style homes and a few commercial areas on the western two-thirds, and to an active rail line on the northeastern end. There are numerous access points (many with parking) to the trail, although most aren't well marked. The trail itself is easy to follow once you're on it, and affords scenic views of the arroyo and the surrounding mountains.

2 days ago

beautiful trail with small valleys abs nice mountain ranges to look at.

3 days ago


3 days ago

Great scenic hike. Unfortunately lots of the side trails are closed for restoration. First volcano is not accessible at top. Second volcano has a small side trail that allows you to access the top--which is mostly flat. Great picture opp there. If you choose to hike 3rd volcano, you will find it rather steep with some loose rock, so watch your footing. Once you get to the top, it's all downhill. Nice cooling breeze on the back side of the volcano. Altogether a great hike for all.

3 days ago

amazing experience! hike gets rough but totally worth it.