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trail locations for Santa Fe, New Mexico
6 days ago


6 days ago

amazing experience! hike gets rough but totally worth it.

6 days ago

Two routes will take you to the same place. Alternate route (more difficult), and the regular route. Regular route is very beautiful, gradual uphill, until you pass a trail intersection. Downhill to the creek is very shaded, and pretty. Meets up with Windsor Trail at the creek. I have not done difficult route.

Definitely not an easy hike on the way up. Trail was pretty easy to follow. Beautiful scenery throughout the hike. Getting to the top is definitely worth the hike.

There are some steep spots and ladders that make this challenging for an easy rating. My 70 year old mother had to turn back and sit it out. Easy should allow all ages. That being said it was amazing but take water and sunscreen. I rate this moderate on the climbs and easy on the flats.

A beautiful trail to hike!

A Little slippery at times but expected for a down hill up hill hike. Great tall trees so it's a good summer hike. Good for dogs too.
We did the entire loop w a 4 year old and a 7 year old. A little tough for them but they made it :)

My boyfriend and I found this trail using this awesome app. We were supposed to go to Bandelier National Monument but I could not get on a packed shuttle, claustrophobic, and the shuttle was the only way to get there.

Anyway, we found this trail and my boyfriend, Matt, said it was even better than Bandelier. It's not as crowded and the un excavated site really lends itself to many surprises. I'm not saying you should skip Bandelier but this trail was an absolute beauty.

16 days ago

Such a beautiful hike! Steep climb at the end, but worth it.

Definitely physically challenging for a novice hiker like myself but very easy to follow on the way up. On the way down we ended up on a trail a bit out from the trailhead where we parked at St John's College but still we were able to get back easily. Such a gorgeous hike all the way up. A must see!

Good hike to get the blood pumping. Gain quite a bit of elevation on the way up. We did miss a hairpin turn only about 10 minutes from the top and ended up on the rim trail. A nice local came along and helped us round the back to get to the apex.

On our way down, a rattlesnake was sunning in the path.

We enjoyed this hike, but will try something different next time we're in Santa Fe. Due to our wrong turn, this ended up being a little over 7 miles for us from the St. John's College parking lot.

Beautiful! On the sunny side, I found a tiny horny toad!

Great views from the top. Lots of traffic. Definitely not an easy hike, lost of inclines. Fit bit tracked this trail at 8 miles starting from St. John's parking lot.

Great scenic hike and falls. Very little parking though.

This trail is certainly not "easy", having hard inclines. It is very well maintained and quite wife though. Great view from the top.

Round trip with no breaks took 2.5hrs

If you want a nice supplement, hike up to the Picacho peak and take Dorothy Stewart trail back.

Skip some walking by parking at the Wilderness Gate upper trailhead, but that parking fills fast. Lower parking at the college is large.

Fabulous views. Love this hike. The trail can get washed out and become very rough.

25 days ago

If this trail were not in the backyards of hill dwellers it would be worthy of another star, though I admit that the walls enclosing their lives do seem more distant than where errected. The geology is colorful and the ecology prestine despite decade of frugal clouds. On it's forest bench I will most definitely sit again for it is close to civilization, if one can still claim us as civilized...

25 days ago

Best hike we've done. Steep at first and then again leading into the lake, but totally worth it!