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trail locations for Albuquerque, New Mexico

Great scenic hike. Unfortunately lots of the side trails are closed for restoration. First volcano is not accessible at top. Second volcano has a small side trail that allows you to access the top--which is mostly flat. Great picture opp there. If you choose to hike 3rd volcano, you will find it rather steep with some loose rock, so watch your footing. Once you get to the top, it's all downhill. Nice cooling breeze on the back side of the volcano. Altogether a great hike for all.

Really nice trail although no shade. Definitely start early in the morning before the sun is at its hottest. Lots of petroglyphs and picture opportunities. Only a few small inclines but for the most part flat. Trail is unpaved and sandy so expect some unevenness.

Not much to see, but it's super easy

Very scenic trail with great views of ABQ and the Sandis. Majority of people where mountain biking, so it is important to check behind you as you hike- but most were thankful when we would step off the trail for them to pass. There are 2 inner paths you can take to shorten the walk if need be, so you can really hike your own hike.

My car got broken into at this trail head and the officers told me this has been happening at this trail head once a week! Don't park here, even if you aren't alone. I made that mistake and was the only car that got broken into. Stay safe.

This trail is definitely longer than the app projects. We did a little over 12 miles/6 hours (9:30-3-30). We stayed on track and there were many ppl along the trail. It starts off pretty easy but the terrain and elevation soon catch up to you to make this a challenging trail. This was my first hike completed and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Hopefully the rest are easier since I've completed this massive trek.

good easy walk great to see wildflowers and birds and petroglyph along the route

17 days ago

Excellent kept trails nice you can walk many different ones and get a full 5 miles in. Lots of bike traffic

Wonderful views. There are several tracks in the beginning (walk across the bridge and go straight) which is nice because on the way back you can get sidetracked. Be careful at the top. There are many jagged rocky areas where you can get injured. If you aren't in good physical shape don't attempt this one. I saw kids sliding down a long rock face and I wouldn't recommend it, very easy to get hurt. Graffiti in some areas. Look for the grappling hooks at the top. Nice! Take your camera. And look for the mini rock cave ;)

21 days ago

Beautiful! Best to start by 8am during busy seasons to ensure parking and also enjoy the cool morning as the sun peaks over the Sandias.

2.6 miles to the la Luz trailhead. 10* incline most of the way there. Good for families and dogs

23 days ago

Great hike! Took my son who was eight at the time and he loved it.

nice easy walk. Beautiful scenic view on all sides of your walk.

Easy trail, great for an afternoon hike with the dogs!

the views are beautiful. I have fun every time I hike this trail.

1 month ago

We hiked this trail to Southcrest and then to Sandia Peak. The climb was nice and gradual and there was plenty of shade (we started at 9 AM). We took the tram back down which offered great views and also saved our knees.

Nice fun hike. Not to crazy just right...