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trail locations for Albuquerque, New Mexico

Nice easy walking, with pretty views of the city when returning. Excellent trail even though the Petroglyphs weren't all that extraordinary.

I really liked this trail. Yes, it begins next to a community and you initially see the buildings off to your left, but quickly it becomes its own little world and you are on your own on the sandy trail.

I chose this trail because it was less populated (and less graffitied) than the main petroglyphs trail in the national monument, and I am so glad I did. I saw only one other person.

There were 6 petroglyph locations in all. It wasn't too hard to find them (although they might not be spotted if you're not paying attention). However, each had its own marker and description.

The trail itself isn't well marked but I don't think it's possible to get very lost. I only made a slight wrong turn trying to find my initial entry point.

I did this trail in August and loved it. I saw my first petroglyph and roadrunners. I also saw jack rabbits.

I thought this trail was really cool- I mean how many places offer volcano hikes? It was very easy and well labeled although a number of the off trails were closed for restoration.

The hike took you to the summit where the vantage point was great. I also saw some lizards and rabbits on the way!

I went in August and saw only one other person with a dog the whole time.

Very peaceful and beautiful walk. Just not big enough to enjoy it all day!

11 days ago

Great hike for a morning or if you are short on time. Good for kids and those of us new to hiking and just wanting to get out and see something beyond the city.

The petroglyphs were awesome, rough, rocky, well maintained trail

Nice trail. Thought we lost it a couple of time but followed the rocks and orange ties near the end. The wreckage was pretty spread out but worth it to see. Great scenery the last couple of miles also.


exactly as described... Easy hike.

Pretty boring. Surrounded by neighborhood. Great if you have small children

19 days ago

Super easy. Some nice Petroglyphs.

20 days ago

Super short and a lot of stopping to look at the petroglyphs, but the rocky terrain is nice.

great view of Albuquerque

loved it

Good hike with nice views of ABQ