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There seems to be some confusion here....The Embudo trail starts at the top of Indian School (or the top of Menaul if you want to go an extra 1/2 mile or so) and the Embudito Trail begins north of the top of Montgomery.

6 days ago

Great work out! We came up Embudo trail and then took the white wash trail on the way down . The way down was not well marked . We got off trail few times but thanks to the app we found our way back safely. It was a great adventure. The AllTrails app is a must have

This is a very nice hike to take if you need something fast... there are a lot of bike traffic though... but everyone was respectful. The views are beautiful! I went with my kids and dogs, and everyone had a great time!

Great trail, great length but too many bicycles

Definitely glad for the cool weather to do this in. After the second dotted line Domingo Baca Route this starts to get tough, at the crash site it starts to get hard, past it seems impossible and getting to La Luz was an adventure. Use the waypoints on the app to find the crash site, they are accurate. Bring extra protein bars and think about multiple 10-15 min breaks then 5 min burst if you want to complete this to La Luz. The streams provided plenty of water for the dogs throughout.
As for the boulder with the rope near the tram lines - don't get fixated on the rope. I was able to get two 70 pound dogs up and down that spot because I didn't use the rope, instead of grabbing it, I just took my time on the approach to the right, then up over the two large 'steps', one to the right, one to the left of where the rope comes down. I saw people struggling up the rope and other people just climbing around it. Be creative on that part, because eventually that rope will break.
Can't wait to do it again - after my legs recover.

Great hike. Very similar to Pino trail

Great hike up to the Crest Trail. Trail is very well marker. Quite challenging and steep towards the end but great views and changing landscapes along the way.

Perfect for a shorter hike

15 days ago

trail running
18 days ago

One of the best trails in the Albuquerque area as it offers a variety of terrain and views. I think it is more difficult than La Luz as there aren't as many switchbacks to moderate the grade of the ascent. I've seen bear, deer, hawks, turkey and even a mountain lion on or near the trail. Depending on when you go, it may be entirely covered in snow or heavily vegetated with wild flowers, hip high grass and running water crossing the trail in several spots mid way up. According to my running app, it's 9.4 miles round trip from the Elena Gallegos parking lot with a starting elevation of 6,432 feet and 9,314 feet at the top, a gain of 2,882 feet in 4.7 miles. When you get to the top, go south twenty feet and look for a faint trail heading back west. Follow that westward for an overlook with a nice city view of the canyon from whence you came and a view north to the tram and the northern part of the Sandias.

I absolutely love hiking the sandias. I try to get out at least once a week all year long adventuring to each side nook and cranny that's appropriate for the weather conditions that day. This trail is very steep and if there are more than a few hikers out that day it feels over crowded. With many shear rocks the noise of even the quietest conversation carries throughout the canyon. If you're looking for a challenging and quick steep climb this is the perfect trail for you.

Easy access to the river make this trail worth taking. Best done either early in the morning or mid autumn. I plan to go back during a snow fall.

This was a beautiful hike. I hiked it with my 3 children, one in a back pack carrier one on a bike and one hiking. my thoughts. unless you have a good bike and are experienced leave your bike at home there are parts that are a bit rocky. considering its volcanoes I'm not complaining. Definitely well marked for where to go for the hike there are parts you can get to that have great views.