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Beautiful well marked trail. Easy hike with only a couple steep sections in the beginning. Fantastic views along the way.

Great view!

trail running
1 month ago

Great start and summit. The mid section was slippery with loose rocks. Definitely need to watch out on your way down.

Beautiful little trail system. Not difficult elevation wise, some spots with rocks and tree roots but an easy hike overall. I had two elderly people with me, one of whom isn't in the best shape, and they both managed fine.

Great views from the various scenic overlooks. The summit is anti-climactic with little view and a small sign marking the elevation. Unless you really want to summit, or are looping around to other trails, stop at the last scenic overlook.
I had an equipment failure (never wear new socks!) so that may have made my experience a bit jaded. Downhill was painful with all the rocks...likely made worse by my blisters.
Lots of bear and moose tracks in the mud bear the top, but none spotted.
Not sure if I would do it again and I definitely wouldn't bother summiting again.

4 months ago

We Hiked Mount Roberts Trail, This was a good hike with nice views of the lake. The summit has a few peek-a-boo views going north. Be sure to look back on your way up and take the spur trail about 1/3rd the way up. great views. Near the top the forest changes from deciduous to all conifer. pretty cool.

Once at the summit of Roberts we were left wanting more as it was a fairly fast hike. I looked at my all trails map and noticed the loop: high ridge down to cold spring trail. It looked promising and returned us back to our car.

It was certainly long, but not much of a Hike. I wouldn't recommend it unless your riding a horse or snowmobile. The high ridge trail/Cold spring trail was fairly flat with long sweeping switchbacks built for jeeps. Would be good for trail running. I was disappointing that it wasn't much of a hike and took forever. Plus there wasn't much views to enjoy as it was heavily forested. I missed the views of the Mt Roberts trail going down.

6 months ago

Great Views, 5.25 miles from the parking lot (not the trail head). There's a viewing area of the lakes about 1/3 of the way up. The trail to that point is very groomed and easy, so would be good for people looking for a view but not wanting to go all the way up.

A very pleasant and scenic walk, worth the time with photo-ops along the way. Suites the casual hiker.

4 years ago

Very pretty, lots and lots of bugs. Bring deet deep woods, its a very humid swamp area.

Great Way to get out for a nice walk and visit the LOON Center and support their great work in the lakes region