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trail locations for New Hampshire

I would rate it as difficult, especially today. Snow flurries about two thirds of the way up and 60mph winds on top! Quite adventurous, but worth it.

12 hours ago

Great easy hike with a couple challenging parts. Went in October and still fairly dry. Pretty windy near the summit. My dog loves it. Definately less traffic than other mountains, perfect for a solo hike

fun easy and beautiful highly recommended.

This is a good hike and a good cardio workout, whether you climb straight up or enjoy the switchbacks (which is what we did). The views from the top are great, with down-town Brattleboro and beyond below. Park at the old Walmart closer to the stores that are still in business as car break-ins are common. Don't leave anything valuable in your car and don't leave any change in your ashtray or console visible.

This was certainly a great hike and the summit offered incredible views despite some rain and a lot of wind (I actually love the whipping summit winds)! But if you want to hike and not be around people, this is not the hike for you. We often found ourselves seeking routes off trail to get away from the crowds and set a better pace that worked for us. We descended the Red Spot trail which was a little longer and harder but only saw a handful of people which was a nice change from the White Dot trail. We saw so many people hiking without proper footwear (chuck-taylors, fashion boots) and those folks were struggling in certain spots, especially on the steep rocky climbs below tree line. If you're considering this trail, wear hiking shoes/boots.

16 hours ago

Did this trail back in August...The hike up was pretty easy and the view at the top was amazing

17 hours ago

My family and I climbed Mt Major today. We had a all different ages from 7 to 65. We went up and down the Orange trail (Boulder Loop). It had about 3 sections that were a bit tricky going up and down. However, we had a blast! The view from the summit was beautiful. The markers were easy to spot when we were climbing up. But, it was getting pretty dark (and eventually it was dark!) as we were descending and it got harder to spot the orange markers. It took us an hour and a half to get up and an hour and a half to get down.

18 hours ago

Super sketchy going up South when wet!!! Careful! And I wouldn't call this dog friendly as I had to lift up dogs many times when we had to scale chest high walls. Beautiful area but would suggest doing this trail when dry and dog free. With rain and wind we had to circle back on Slippery Brook Trail which was a lovely decent.

Beautiful spot not to be missed. Easy for the kids and a short walk to the falls. Beautiful spot

18 hours ago

Blue trail on the ascent and Orange on the way down. Very nice views some definite scrambling down rock ledge on the way down on the Orange trail.

Great hike for being so close! 3.8 miles with 1650 elevation gain in under 3 hours. Gets pretty steep near the top with some fun scrambling. Today was a little windy but a great day for hiking in October.

19 hours ago

Super easy walk. Good for dogs. Pretty pond at the end. Flat. Scenic with the gorgeous leaves last week.

Nice trail by a stream. Probably best to do when it hasn't rained too much as there are lots of rocks to climb. It wasn't the most scenic trail I've been on in NH but a good quick climb that took some exertion in the middle/too parts. Bottom part of trail isn't marked super well with lightest yellow paint marks but the upper part has decent markings with the red paint. Having the app to follow with GPS makes it so you can always find the trail.

Wasn't prepared for the rockiness but it was a great hike. Fabulous views and the fall colors were beautiful! And my Setters loved!

21 hours ago

Great walking trail. Plaques were very informational about the area. Nice flat trail. Little hill going in and coming out but not too too bad. Beautiful scenery.

Very easy hike. It does require some balance if you want to go walk the rocks and boulders. Fun and great views.

It was slippery with the leaves on the ground. you have to be pretty fit to go up. The sense of accomplishment at the top is all worth it!

A beautiful hike. Arethusa Falls was great and the view from Frankenstein Cliffs was amazing.

awesome beginners trail
had a blast. bringing my 6yr old son with us next time