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trail locations for New Hampshire

Awesome hike! Features waterfalls and a very special place called shining rock would suggest stopping there absolutely breathtaking at sunset. At the top you feel like you're on top of the world being able to see for what looks like forever.

Short cool hike to do with friends with some water pools to cool off in

2 days ago

Second home

Really beautiful views on the hike up the green trail. Once your to the top there's a few neat things to check out but you cannot see any views unless you climb the tower! If your afraid of heights you won't want to climb the tower so it's kind of a bummer but if you can conquer your fear for heights climbing the tower IS WORTH IT!! Breath taking views!!! We took the red trail down which seemed much harder than the green trail but still a ton of fun and there's one GORGEOUS view on this trail. Great short hike to fit into a busy day :) hope you'll enjoy!!

This trail was incredible.. I went up the falling waters side to Little Haystack first, which I'm glad I did not only for the waterfall views but also because it was a bit slippery, and wouldn't want to go down the rocks in that condition. It certainly is no joke, though.. a tough climb and descent over rock scrambles, but once the tree line thins, it just opens up and wow, breathtaking. The ridge trail over to Mt. Lincoln and Lafayette is one of the best hikes I've done, better than Washington in my opinion. I felt like I was in Lord of the Rings with how the rock trails just cascade over the mountaintops into the distance. The climb down Lafayette has the best views all around, being able to see the other two peaks as you descend, but it is hard on the knees. Finished the whole 9 mile loop in just under 8 hours, accounting for multiple stops for food, photos, rest, etc. Overall, I would highly recommend this hike but only for those who are fit and well-prepared (bring lots of layers, including a hat and gloves as the temperature and wind change very quickly above tree line!) The amazing views and fresh mountain air are worth every step :)

Got to the parking lot about 9:15 AM. Lot was almost full but got a spot and started up around 10. Went up the Falling waters side to Little Haystack first. I haven't hiked in some time but I'm in OK shape (47 yrs old) so was able to do it but it was really hard and I was going in slow motion the 2nd half of the ascent. Saw dogs, kids, and even a group of nuns on the way up. Not sure how they all did it but I think they mostly did. I think the kids only made it b/c the ones I saw weren't carrying any packs (their dad was). Even still I wouldn't really recommend it for kids younger than 13 and even then only if they are really athletic or exceptionally fit, or have grown up hiking.
Once I got to Little Haystack the rest wasn't too bad, although my legs were tired at that point, so each new ascent I went back to my slow motion and was more than welcome to let all tail-gators go right on by. "No, please, after you, gasp." The views from Little Haystack to Mt. Lincoln and then on to Lafayette were like I've never seen before, Absolutely beautiful.
From the top of Mt. Lafayette until we reached the treeline after the decent on the other side was extremely windy and cold. Not sure if it's always like that there or not. A rain jacket/windbreaker is a must. I also had gloves which I was very thankful for. Greenleaf hut on the way down was a nice cozy rest stop. I enjoyed the Bridal path down and didn't think it too difficult except for a couple short slippery sections.
Whole trip took about 6.5 hours, I was a bit slow on the way up but made good time on the downside.
Even though I was able to do the hike, it was hard and not being accustomed to the grueling uphill, I woke up the next day to some very stiff and painful legs. Was worth every bit of it though! Enjoy, but like everyone says, don't underestimate.

2 days ago

Very steep at the end of the trail and I freaked at the ladder but did it... and didn't regret it because de view from Mt. Lafayette and Lonesome Lake was awesome!!!

The Southern half of a Presidential Traverse. This is a gorgeous trail, but be prepared for winter storm conditions at any time!

2 days ago

Great trail. Lightly traveled.

Awesome day hike!

Somebody entered wrong name and wrong GPS for this hike - it is not where marker is located - Sandy Point is near Great Bay - This trial is called Weeks Brick House Nature trail - go down Tide Mill Rd to get dirt road and park - use our track below for trials ..

Very nice 1.1 mile hike loops and well marked well kept trails

Starting before 8:00 AM was an excellent decision; the trails were becoming crowded with hikers as we finished our last half-mile. We started on the White Dot Trail, then turned left onto the White Cross Trail, which eventually rejoined the White Dot Trail near the top. We then hiked down the Pumpelly Trail to Cascade Link, which we followed all the way back to the White Dot Trail and the bottom.

It was challenging in a good way, but completely doable. The terrain was varied and the trails were well marked. Wonderful views on the way up and on the way down.

Great loop. Takes about 5 hours if if your moving at a good pace.

It had great view and the loop was closer to 9 miles. It was cold and windy at the top so check condition prior to leaving. The hike up wasn't bad or walking along the ridge. However the hike down was tough on the feet and knee were trekking poles might of helped. Be sure to wear good hiking shoes and socks. I didn't drink a lot of water maybe 2 liters, but then again the temp didn't get above 55 degrees and the ridge temp was low 30's and high winds. I'm glad I brought gloves and a hat, the AMC hut was open and had great snacks and coffee prior to making the hike up to the top and ridge.

it's hard, but is worthy step by step.