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I love this walk! I do this several times a week early in the morning with my pups. Great views of the city and best of all the mountains surrounding Las Vegas. Very well maintained and lots of doggy poop stations. To add some adventure take a side trail to the top it's absolutely spectacular!

Nice scenic walk. I prefer a little more challenge.

Bring a small med kit with tweezers. Our dog got cactus spike things in his paws and my husband had to get them out with his hands. Wish we'd brought tweezers with us. Other than that perfect day hike we very much enjoyed.

1 day ago

If we walked the easy trail wow. maybe change it to moderate. But fantastic views.

Added the La Madre Springs leg to this trips White Rock loop. Good overall hike and trails.

mountain biking
2 days ago

Going down the Tunnel Creek trail from the Flume Trail was quite an adventure. Views are awesome. At times you are going so fast just bordering on wiping out and then you slow down near the bottom going slower and hit deep sand and wipe out when you don't expect it. If you control your speed going down and recognize that when the trail levels out you will hit sand you should be fine. Highly recommend renting bikes and taking the Flume and Tunnel Creek trails in Tahoe. Great adventure!

2 days ago

2 days ago

The best time to go is the day after a moderate to heavy rainfall where the streams and creeks are flowing with water, but be prepared to get your feet wet as you'll have to wade or rock hop through the "first creek" by the main road. If you make it to the "end", you'll be rewarded with a waterfall that's worth photographing from many different angles.

For those wanting a challenge, continue hiking into the canyon and following the creek to your side. You'll come across some nice clearings and rock formations. The foliage will get thicker the further you go into the canyon, making for a semi surreal experience as if you just entered a storybook woods with giant gnarly tree roots included.

Zigzag your way across the creek, and you'll come across some miniature, but quaint waterfalls and pools. Look up to the canyon walls and you'll also see water sliding down the rock face, making for some nice photos if you can get close enough. If you're really lucky you may spot the outline of a hawk flying high above the canyon.

trail running
2 days ago

absolutely loved it

Wow!!! What an amazing trail!! We droned it, took tons of pictures, ran some (over two miles), climbed alot, jumped over water, meandered between rocks, hiked on an steep incline and got lost a bit for 6.45 miles. All in all we beyond loved it!!!! A definite must do. Happy Hiking folks!!!

3 days ago

off road driving
3 days ago

Scenic but rocky trail with lots of ruts due to other vehicles and water erosion. Drove in February during a dry week but there were still lots of muddy areas on the lower elevation and light snow on the upper stretches.

Trail had signs of a few minor rockslides but nothing major. One part of the trail near the upper stretch was quite narrow due to a dead tree on one side and partial washout of the trail's edge on the other. Squeezed by without an issue but wider 4x4s may be precariously close to the washed out edge. Hopefully the next person or a local will have a saw or chain to remove the dead tree.

Amazing options for climbing and hiking. You can challenge your climbing skills big time up the red rock mountains or just hike on the paths and in the washes. Great intermediate climbing to be challenging but not where you need ropes...but I did see some peels doing that up the face of a coupe mountains. Down sides if you want to call them that is poorly marked with a few ambitious signs and you have to go all the way around since it's one big one way through the park and of course there is always some dude in a Prius doing 15 mph the whole way so it takes a half hour to get out.

My children ages 3 & 5 have so much fun at the park and cam easily climb the mountain.

Definitely one of my best hikes in Vegas. rock hoping and climbing but beautiful waterfalls, pools, and creek along the way. try this hike you won't regret it. my little dachshund/chihuahua mix did this hike with me, she loved it and kept up even on the climbs....

Awesome hike. Wont take long at all if you take a 4x4 high clearance vehicle to the trail head. But if you park at the bottom on the scenic drive and hike up Rocky Gap Road like I did, that part alone takes 90-120 minutes one way. It's worth it. The view is 10/10, and the terrain is pretty gradual with almost 0 scrambling. Trail is easy to find/follow.

3 days ago