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ice climbing
21 hours ago

Tom Cooke can suck it. Decent trail.

21 hours ago

Rode some sick waves at the waterfall.

Very Steep Hike!! Make sure you have a very very strong endurance in walking constantly on an incline motion..It was really hard you need to be really fit ad strong to do this Hike its not easy!! Very Hard! On a lighter note well worth the amazing views overlooking the whole part of Reno and Sparks!

Very little shade until you get close to the falls. Can get crowded on weekends- would do on weekday or very early on a weekend. It's not easy- moderate at least.

on Hunter Creek Trail

8 days ago

Make it out here early in the morning. If you don't, you'll run into a ton of unleashed dogs and wild people (weekend). I'm sure it's a lot easier to deal with on a weekday. I did this one a couple weeks ago; very fun, and got in there early. A great hike to keep you and the pup with at least an elevated heartbeat. Leave before dawn, and you'll be fine...

9 days ago

I hiked this trail in the Thanksgiving afternoon, so the traffic was light. Upper part of the trail was frozen and slippery especially near the water, you definitely need to have a pair of good hiking boots and hiking pole. The trail was beautiful with all the snow so was the frozen waterfall.

I did this hike today with my border collie and we had a blast! It started snowing toward the middle of the hike and continued to snow fairly heavily throughout which made it a really magical hike! Unfortunately, the slippery snow made it so i couldn't cross the creek closest to the river but i still got to see the waterfall from the right side. I strongly recommend a good jacket for this hike. I run warm so I was mostly fine with my sweater... but I did see a few people turn around because they were too cold. I only noticed dog poop on the first half mile of the hike. I would rate this an easy to moderate hike. I also recommend shoes with good ankle support because there are some rocky/large gravely areas where I could easily see someone rolling their ankle. This is a hike I would do again!

I suggested an edit but just in case it doesn't get approved, after trying to go here on Saturday and running into No Trespassing signs on Jolly Lane I found out the trail head is incorrect on All Trails, the correct address is 3100 Dickerson Road, Reno, NV

20 days ago

nice easy trail with great views of Reno. lots of side trails. perfect for spending a couple hours outdoors without driving far

A good run!

Kid friendly to an extent...very rocky. We have done 2 of the loops with a 4 and 6 year old. Very pretty and good view of various parts of the city. Nice facility to have a picnic after.

An early morning must...heavily trafficked and narrow when there are 100 unleashed dogs. A good hike to keep the heart rate up for a couple hours.

Good hike overall. You feel the elevation climb the next day.
I am a bit worried about my dog obtaining some bacteria/virus after drinking from the creek along the way. We went on Saturday Nov 5th and now she has been having lots of diarrhea, anyone else with the same problem?

an easy trail that is perfect for a quick afternoon trail that is close to town. The tunnel had no water but was nice to stand in the entrance and look to the light at the other end. I will be going back in the spring when it has water.

27 days ago

The views were amazing, The terrain very easy to moderate... One of the dirtiest trails Ive ever been on though. .. People need to learn how to pack out what they bring in... Lots of tp and bags of dog poop left right on the trail... I was most unimpressed

1 month ago

I had the very good fortune of completing this trail again today, the first day of November!! I was unsure of what the conditions would be like, or if I would be able to make it to the Falls, with the recent wet weather and visible snow on the mountains just above the falls. There were a few stretches of mud, but the last of it is about 1/3 of the way up the mountain, and from that point onward the trail is still in great condition right now! Despite there being a little snow on the ground at the very highest point of the hike, I was stripped down to just a tank top due to the brilliant sunshine and strenuous pace/uphill requirements of the hike! In November! The logs over the creek that allow you to cross it and reach the falls are still accessible, but watch your step- some of them do move a bit! Overall, a hike I will enjoy again and again, and plan on sneaking in as many more as possible before being forced to call it quits over winter. Nothing quite like living on borrowed time! Lol. :-)