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Amazing Magical Place!
lots of rock climbing, good grip boots recommended. Many nice big reptiles along the way great for kids who enjoy climbing and exploring (bit dangerous for beginners). Trail is not well maintained and could be difficult to figure out the way. Sacred paintings are beautiful and there's something magical and spiritually in that mountain (personal experience). Good family adventure and overall an amazing place to explore!!

Hike at your own risk. The trail is not well maintained. Vines and bushes are growing out of control. Therefore, it blocked the path over boulders. View is awesome though. Bring a truck ,
Bumpy road for smaller cars.

6 months ago

It was 114 degrees outside and I can't think of a better way to spend our 1 year wedding anniversary! Hiking this trail was fantastic!

9 months ago

Petroglyphs were amazing find, the trail is not well defined and no information of how far is the waterfall. It is a good hike to explorer, just have plenty of time.

Beautiful place to hike and enjoy nature. Dec 1 2015 the weather was perfect.

Great short hike! Lots of petroglyphs! Mind the tarantulas and commune with the ancients!!

This hike was Great! Made it to the Waterfall but next time we'll have to time it right when it rains to hike up there.

off road driving
1 year ago

4 day trip, 146 miles of awesome! 1 moderate descent, muddy dry lake bed, 2 4ft water crossings, and endless fun. Had a 14 gal spare gas tank, others made it by with 10 gal.

off road driving
1 year ago

We spent the night at a Hotel in Laughlin and the hot shower sure felt good. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have but it took all of my concentration to make it through the 40 miles of deep sand.

On the return trip, we took a different route out of Laughlin and I drove the gas truck the whole way back. I got stuck near Geoff as a train had broken down and was blocking the road so I had to drive 10 miles to a place where I could go under the tracks and just barely cleared. As a result of the train blocking the road, I was an hour late to the gas stop and you do not get cell phone reception on the Mojave Road.

By the time the day was over and I finally got home, I think I had driven my truck over 600 miles the final day. That wore me out more than riding my bike the day before.

This is a fun ride, but it is more fun if you can have a designated gas truck driver so you don't have to trade off. Never do this ride alone because if you have a problem, it could be a very long time before someone would find you. I would say that the minimum number of riders should be at least four to be on the safe side and more is even better.

If your group is over a certain number, you have to get a permit from the Mojave National Preserve Ranger. This ride is best done in the winter because it can get well over 110 or higher in the summer.

Came across this trail while driving across Christmas tree pass. Set out around 8:30 in the morning with my father and friend. Easy hike with some fun areas to climb up on top of some large rocks. Petroglyphs are definitely an added bonus to see. Had a great time and would suggest for anyone.

My wife and I started hiking the canyon 20 years ago when we were just dating. Over the years we have sporadically visited it, but not with much regularity. We decided to go last Sunday 3/16/14 and it was still an amazing hike. Our 17 year-old son loved it and I found myself and my son chasing the lizards, and climbing the boulders. Beautiful views, easy to moderate hike with some tight spots. Glad we hit it up again.

Great hike that can be tailored to anyone's hiking desires. It took us about an hour to hike to where the canyon dead ends at a spring. You can scramble up the hillsides, let kids play on boulders, just hike through the wash. Beautiful views the whole way.

Beautiful Trail! The Petroglyphs are just the beginning! You could hike all day out and back if you'd like. We were only able to hike about 2 hours in and 2 hours out. Great climbing areas with rock slabs, washes, trees and thick brush in some areas. It was great! Can't wait to go back for a longer hike!

Easy hike. Completed in the Summer. Recommend having plenty of water. I actually passed the section and went rock climbing. Found the site on the return.

off road driving
4 years ago

Great, easy trail. Some technical sections, lots of landmarks. Use GPS. Stock 4WD should be fine, but may sustain some minor damage to low hanging plastic parts. Did the trail in 2 days, taking our time and camping in the middle. Find a campsite with shelter from the wind (maybe against a ridge). Completed the trip in early April, and is was getting a little hot. Rain could hamper a trek across the dry lake bed. Sign the logbook at the mailbox, and bring a rock across the lake to the travelers monument .

off road driving
5 years ago

If you like the desert, then you will love the Old Mojave Road, from the salt flats to the old ruins, to the mail stop, to the ice pond, to Old Fort Mojave, the Nipton Hotel and finally to Laughlin, NV. Best to do it with a group of friends, stay at the Nipton Hotel one night and the have drinks and buckets of shrimp in Laughlin. We have done this several times as a tribute to our friend, Ken T.