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trail locations for Las Vegas, Nevada
1 day ago

I had a great time at this trail the temperature was 62 at the trail head. But when I arrived to the spring. It was all frozen and it was really cold so just be prepared for it. The fall trees colors made the hike really unique.

2 days ago

Very cool trail some interesting landscape

awesome hike overall, saw a gila monster scurry by once in the wash area. trails do seem to disappear easily. sandstone cliffs are beautiful.

My favorite hike so far, beautiful views

I'm still not sure if I actually did it. the closer you get to the mountain, the harder it got to make out the trail. it does have a nice view and a good mix inclines and declines.

Love this trail. Very challenging to me! The switchbacks at the end are a killer!

Very challenging. Camped out on the trail. Switchbacks at end were killer.

Love this trail. Very challenging to me! The switchbacks at the end are a killer!

This was a very easy hike, I went at sunset so I the weather was perfect. The only thing is that on the way down its hard to walk around the big rocks that are everywhere. It took me 2.5 hours but I was perfect for a weekday afternoon.

Great trail. No it's not easy. It takes about 1hr and 20min to complete. But it's a very nice hike. I recommended very highly

Easy, kid friendly!

Great hike definitely go early the temperature does get warmer and it can be a bit more difficult. This is a constant incline going out. The rocks on the trail will be tough on the feet going back down.

I give it a 5 for the views. This is a brutal hike that took us 10 hours to complete a round trip of 17 miles, give or take. Some of the trails were hard on the ankles. Still worth it for sure.

Very pretty scenic trail. Lots of people. I've been on hikes labeled moderate which were more challenging than this one. It seems like an easy, wide trail. You will get a great workout because of the incline.

Not too bad of a hike. There are some areas where the incline is more difficult than others and the high elevation makes it difficult to breathe at times but the top is definitely worth it! Scenery going up was also beautiful as some of the leaves were starting to change colors. I do think Mary Jane Falls is harder but that's just my opinion. Happy Trails!

mountain biking
13 days ago