Great 360 degree view of the Las Vegas valley and neighboring area. From the peak state line to California and Boulder City are easily visible.

It was super amazing hike hard at the top but glad I didn't turn back. sad to not see the flag on the pole.

4 days ago

Very difficult for a first hike. Pushed myself too hard but was worth it.

trail running
8 days ago

Nice run, but getting up to the summit involved a little bit of climbing.

Great hike - amazing views !

Great hike! Long. The peak has a beautiful view of the whole city. Last leg up to the top was hard going up and down. Be careful!

17 days ago

Wicked fun. Got a pretty sweet tan too. No shade. But the 360 view of the city is awesome. Can't wait to do it again.

great bike trail/running trail!

27 days ago

Was disappointed at the beginning as the start of the trail was paved. Gradually got better and rougher. Good views from the high point.

A solid hike that shoots you right up into an uphill climb from the start. There are some long stretches of uphill climb with loose rocks on the ground, so be sure to wear appropriate footwear.

while driving east on lake mead blvd you'll see a fence with steel wires for rope, that's where you'll need to park - there won't be any signs pointing to the trail.

You start off with a decent uphill trek, followed by a an even longer uphill climb followed by several switchbacks. At the top you'll feel as though you've reached the top, but will be surprised to find out you have another totally different hill to climb lol. Same pattern: long uphill stretch, followed by a few more switchbacks. But there is much better footing on the final hill so the climb up isn't that difficult.

Bring lots of water & some food to reenergize before heading back (especially if you're planning on doing this in the summer) - and enjoy the view at the top!!!

Overall this hike will give your legs an amazing workout, and the view at the top of Vegas is amazing.

Uploaded a few pics to give you a better idea~ (also a very short video of the hike for reference -

My favorite vantage point of the Las Vegas valley. Views of all the mountain ranges, Lake Mead/Colorado River area, California, Arizona. Bring plenty of water and plan on 4-5 hours, unless trail running. Wildlife and flowers are at their peak in spring (April-May). Easy hike except for the last climb, which can take 30-45 mins depending on stops. Great hike for families as long as kids can go the distance (our youngest did this hike at age 3 but needed help at the end). Get out early, pack a lunch and enjoy the highest peak on the south side of the valley.

The hike up was long and exhausting.. But the view the entire way up was beautiful!! Definitely worth it!!

Great for biking or walking the dog!

1 month ago

I followed the loop suggested by BLM, the ones who put the trail marker, and I did reach the top however, the trail afterwards was not well-defined and it was easy to go off-trail. I did the hike this morning with 95+degree weather and I would highly recommend to bring a lot of water and a buddy when doing this because right around 9:30 the Temperature skyrocketed and looking for those trail markers was a b****. I would recommend the trails done by people usually instead of the loops (bring a buddy for it). Overall, amazing wildlife and faunas. Challenging towards the end but the view is so worth it!

road biking
1 month ago

This is a great bike trail easy to follow. It can get really crowded in the mornings. Lots of different activities taking place at the same time biking, running, walking, hiking and a few people just sitting on the benches watching.

About an hour up, steep terrain but a great view at the top.

I like this trail due to the rapid elevation gain! great little exercise trail for those who want to get one in on the fly. the only down side to this hike is that there is a large saddle that zaps your morale!