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trail locations for Nevada
17 hours ago

Was disappointed at the beginning as the start of the trail was paved. Gradually got better and rougher. Good views from the high point.

Tried to find it today..... took the app directions to the artist road and it was nowhere to be found- stopped in at the local watering hole and they said it was nearly an hour further away closer to Hawthorne- thanks for wasting my day...

Poor post

1 day ago

A nice easy trail ... bring the kids and the dog. The first mile is flat, wide and open. The trail narrows, elevates a bit and the rocks become larger. I went in the evening and saw some deer. The sun set and the last mile was after sunset and still easy and enjoyable.

good trail, easy hike. Graffiti on rocks near the falls was a disappointment.

Me and my sister went we took my puppy.! It was really nice up there we loved it.

Awesome views! If you want to get away from the Vegas heat come to mt. Charleston

A nice wide trail around Lone Mountain with a side trip up to the top of the mountain and back down. The hike up the mountain is fairly steep and challenging. It will definitely get your heart pumping.

Gorgeous Views. We loved this hike. Will definitely be doing again.

Great little quickie hike, we got in town late afternoon and did this. Absolutely stunning.

Easy walk on paved walkways. There are a lot of birds which made it nice!

Do not do this hike without suffient water even in May! I did this in May with only a bottle of Vitamin Water and nearly passed out. Now if I had had a hydration pack and it was late afternoon or early morning it would've been a different story!

Overall, a very easy walk on pave walkways.

4 days ago

Amazing views, if you don't mind the continuous steep inclines for almost two miles. Once you reach the bench at around mile 2, you'll be rewarding with breathtaking views of the entire lake. Worth the climb

My family and I loved this trail. Beautiful scenery. Very dog-friendly. My pointer was ecstatic!

4 days ago

This is a lovely trail and the alltrails description is accurate. It is, however, apparently used as a local dog park. Most hikers had dogs, few of whom were leashed (per posted rules, dogs should be leashed). The trail is narrow and the crowd of hikers and dogs we met when we were hiking back out made the trail uncomfortably congested. And sadly, the half mile or so of the trail on county land before the Wilderness boundary was amply littered with dog poop, in spite of signs and clean-up bags provided at the trailhead. It might take a group of concerned citizens to turn around what is clearly an entrenched culture of usage.