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went for an hour before dark. nice trails and cant wait to go back for more

Ok, here's how my hike went today. I'll start off by saying I always feel that it is a blessing to have the opportunity and the ability to be able to enjoy nature at any given day and location. I'm giving this trail a 3 because I have been on some actual 5 star trails in various parts of America. As for the area, I couldn't have expected anything better! I really enjoyed the steep inclines to the top ridge line of the hilltops. I personally love to get my heart pumping and feeling the burn in my legs, though. Along the trail at the top of the hills are some trail shelters with pretty nice views that can be enjoyed however long you feel the need. I will mention that there are a few drawbacks to the trails here. They are not very well maintained so be prepared to navigate past filled trees, washouts, and tons of overgrown plants. It wasn't a huge bother to me, honestly, but I could see where others may complain. My main warning to anybody hiking out here is to be extra cautious protecting yourself from bugs. I am an avid hiker and I figured I went a little overkill on the bug spray, but that most definitely was not the case. Within the first 5 minutes of my hike I developed my own miniature ecosystem of bugs. No exaggeration when I say I had a thin fog of mosquitoes and other insects hovering around me the entire time. But once again, I enjoyed my outing! Hopefully this review will give you a good idea of what to be prepared for if you decide to hike these Indian Cave State Park trails!

Small but beautiful, the falls are gorgeous. Moderately busy, but still worth it.

Love it :)

We camped on one of the loops and hiked during the day with our dogs. What you'll find here is a nice little park with a good variety of backpacking, RV or tent spots.

What you won't find here is anything as it is depicted on the park map. It is more "Picasso" and less "accurate." We drove a lap around the park to actually find the correct trailheads.

Trail 2 (history trail) is a good little loop with an outlook and a stop by the 100% racist "Halfbreed Cemetery." If you've got kids they'll probably dog the old timey candle maker and soap maker people. As we are complete assholes, that didn't interest us at all. The outlook is beautiful.

Trail 11 (nature trail?) is a legit death trap. It's a short, steep loop with a lot of fallen logs up to a decent view. It was a bit muddy, full of loose roots and we had our pups, so this is the only trail ever where the hike up is more fun than the hike down. Have fun spraining your ankle or, if you're graceful like moi, doing a fall/slide combo into a tree while your 15 lbs dog watches you like you're a fool. Glad I finished it, though.

I'd like to go back and do the high trails (7 and 3, I think?) and stay in a spot with a view.

Its the best hiking in the omaha area in my opinion. You can see decent wildlife too; I've seen Beavers on Stram trail and Bald Eagles near hidden lake. Dont go after it rains, thick mosquitos; moreso than other local trails

Beautiful trail! Great for biking and kite flying.

road biking
18 days ago

Really excellent trail well marked with location pointers. Smooth surface for running and riding links well with the Keystone Trail for onward tours around Omaha. I recommend linking riding the trail with Elmwood Park and the University of Nebraska campus. I also liked the city bus markings on the trail to alert you to where to access Omaha Transit along the way.

off road driving
30 days ago

My wife and I scored this high point as we were heading to Washington for vacation. Paid our dues in the little box. it is based on the honor system. But we were able to say we took in the sites.

30 days ago

By far my favorite place to hike WITH DOGS in the Omaha area. The dogs loved it! Great waterfall area. Paths aren't congested. Nice options!

30 days ago

Dogs are NOT ALLOWED~please update. This would have been a great trail to spend some time upon, unfortunately my dog was with me excited to go~we had to find a different trail.

on Tranquility Trail

30 days ago

More of a bike trail~but it did the trick!

1 month ago

It's a nice walk. Good birding, especially for water fowl. but the trail itself is not at all challenging.

road biking
1 month ago

This is a really nice path that is mostly concrete and easy to ride. I have been riding the on Saturday mornings and usually pass 50 to 100 people within 4 miles which I enjoy since the fellow path users seem friendly.

1 month ago

I walked this trail for a bit (about 3.5 miles). Seemed like most people were on bikes though. The sign I read said it was a 10 mile trail. The trail was really narrow for walking. I'm sure it would be a lot more fun on a bike.

Good for a brisk walk. No extreme hills to climb.

1 month ago

Great views

A good hike to the top. Good trail, the kids ran most of the way