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trail locations for Nebraska
8 days ago

Positives: Well maintained trails that are part of the Hummel Park disc golf course.
Good up and down hiking in the gorgeous Ponca hills.
Awesome views of the Missouri river valley.

Negatives: does not feel like complete wilderness, trails often run across paved roads. Very trashed up! Trails are not marked. Beer cans and bottles everywhere considering it is a city park and alcohol is not permitted. It is probably due to the disc golf course. Disc? Golf?

P.S. Don't believe the urban tails trash about Hummel Park. The only abnormal thing you will find there is the disc golf course.

The pioneer park trails are among the best in Lincoln...especially if you have younger children.

It has exercise stops, a few options to just do a round about, pretty trees, lots of bird species, safe but very dark at night. Dogs have gotten a few ticks from getting into the tall grass and dead trees

Beautiful park, great trail...pretty (little) waterfall, lots of bridges, and great views of the Platte River.

23 days ago

road biking
23 days ago

I biked figure 8 around both east and west portions of the lake. The trail, as well as the lake were amazingly beautiful!!! Trails were well marked and easy to follow, just make sure you do not take lefts at any forks, which will lead you to nearby neighborhoods. I came across 7 deer grazing by the west lake trail and there were a swan and ducks at a small lagoon of the east lake. On Wednesday morning the trail had barely any traffic. The secret to enjoying this trail is to avoid it during the Zorinsky stampede in the evenings and weekends.

25 days ago

Lauritzen Gardens is a beautiful place for walking. Depending on your fitness level you can make it as easy or as vigorous as you like. The garden is sprawled on the hills giving you options for up and down work out or a stroll on a flatter terrain. Woodland hiking trail starts at the north-west exit of the conservatory. It is short but pretty with 2 scenic overlooks and plenty of benches along the trail. Perfect for small kids or elderly. Check out Kenefick Park across the parking lot from the gardens. It has 2 locomotives on display and a panoramic view of Loess hills and Missouri river valley. I walked almost 4 miles at vigorous pace. There is an entrance fee. I highly recommend membership if you are local. The garden has a lot to offer - floral displays change a few times per season and there are nice exhibits inside the atrium.

road biking
26 days ago

A beautiful and short trail. I started at the historical marker biking trail head in Fort Calhoun. The trail goes by a ball park through the woods. There is a nice bridge over a stream. Out of the woods and into Fort Atkinson doesn't really matter which way you go you will end up on one of the 2 parking lots. From the parking lots you can get on the gravel service roads, which eventually will turn into wide mowed grass paths. If you have mountain bike you'll be fine. It is worth it to take a walk at the fort. I saw a hiking trail that goes down hill into the woods. Looped around the fort and went back where I started. Enjoyed reconstructed buildings and huts. It is a very pretty and well maintained place. Definitely will go back for a walk/hike!

great fun trail 6 didn't match up to map.
we started on 9 went to 5 to 6 to 7 to 8
GPS said 8.5 miles..lots of hills.. had a lot of fun.. we will be back..

28 days ago

road biking
29 days ago

Nice, short and easy. The trail head is at the Leavenworth St. Head out South and you will be passing some nice scenery by the Field Club Golf Course. Further down the trail cuts through mid town neighborhoods and connects to the South Omaha trail, which is now completed.

road biking
29 days ago

South Omaha trail is a connection between Field Club trail and Keystone trail. It meanders through neighborhoods South of I-80 and some parts of it goes parallel to I-80. It is short but offers a vigorous work out for a biker.

road biking
30 days ago

Elmwood Park Trail is very beautiful urban park trail that starts at the Memorial Park on Underwood St. and connects to the Keystone Trail at the Pacific St. bridge. The trail goes over the Dodge St. bridge, by Omaha historical Dundee neighborhood and the UNO campus. You can loop it around Memorial Park.

Met some dears on my road, amazing!

1 month ago

A nice paved path, some going through the woods and some around the lake. I didn't like that you had to walk on the road for a good distance to be able to complete the loop. It was a narrow shoulder and cars were going pretty fast. Next time I would choose one half to do and just go out and back.

I loved these trails! Great for an easy walk, and not too crowded on a Saturday morning.

1 month ago

It was a nice trail, but not great for hiking. The winding paths would be good for biking, but it got repetitive to keep walking back and forth.

rails trails
1 month ago

Great route which many people use.

Old Cheney Road trail is good from 84th to 56th street with only 9 roads/neighborhood streets. Then from 56th to 48th there are many roads/entrances which slow your ride. 48th to 27th is fine with a wide path and freedom of maneuver. The entire route is concrete/blacktop.